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Author Topic:  Rememberence Sunday and Rememberence day.  (Read 295 times)

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Rememberence Sunday and Rememberence day.
« on: November 09, 2014, 08:00:16 AM »
"When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we give are today"

Remember the Fallen
Today is Rememberence Sunday, Today we take a two minutes of silence for those who fought in wars past and present. Making the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

Tuesday is Rememberence day, "on the Eleventh hour, of the Eleventh day, of the Eleventh month" this also marks armistice day. We hold another minute of silence.

We show respect on this day by wearing a red poppy.

(smacks you)

being stupid is gona start to hurt around here.


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Re: Rememberence Sunday and Rememberence day.
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2014, 07:25:02 PM »
bump for great justice.

amaerica has its own veterans day. the same as your remmebrince day this Tuesday I belive. (the 11th)

and yes, thank you to all who have served as well as some of you I know are going into the armed services.

thank you for defending the freedom we hold dear. (hugs)
My point has finally been made ^_^ (viva la Agy!)


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