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Author Topic:  The Tracker Tuskhog - a short story by Silver  (Read 536 times)

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The Tracker Tuskhog - a short story by Silver
« on: October 24, 2014, 02:18:22 PM »
Hi! I felt like writing a short story based in the world I've been creating in my spare time, and thought you guys might enjoy it. A bit of background:
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
The main character in this short story is a creature from another continent, and the continent he has recently arrived at has only just been discovered. Therefore all he is experiencing is new to him.

A Tracker Tuskhog is a massive beast reminiscent of a hog. It has two long tusks that it uses to kill it's prey and it's main form of attack is to charge at the prey and grab it with it's tusks. It is different from other Tuskhogs in that it searches for it's prey using it's accurate sense of smell, instead of sight.

Please tell me what you think in the comments. Enjoy!


I sat in the tree, waiting; she’d be here soon. This whole place seemed alien, from the people to the plants. No, it definitely didn’t feel like home, like the thickly forested lands I was used to. I’d come to a town not long before, meeting some strange people. They were totally different from us; they didn’t even have claws! I heard a roar not too far away; she was here.

I’d never seen a Tracker Tuskhog myself, but I’d definitely heard of them. They were well known for the destruction they left in their path, which I could hear drawing nearer; trees snapping like branches, giving way to something much larger, and much stronger than them. Then it stopped. I looked up… and then I saw it. What a beauty she was! She was larger than 10 times my size, with curvy tusks long and sharp enough to impale 5 of my kind. She was glaring at me with fire in her eyes; I was her prey. She gave out another deafening roar and began to charge at me with all her might; but I was too quick for her! I leapt out of my tree and to another, grabbing a branch and hanging. She crashed into the tree I was in, sending it flying. Good thing I knew how to hunt this thing, or she would’ve gotten me faster than you can say “Tuskhog”. She gave a mighty roar, this one of pain rather than triumph. She would recover quickly, however; this was one thing those strange tall men in town warned me of, so I had to work fast. I swung myself into the air, landing on the Tuskhog’s furry grey back, and extended my claws.

I began to claw away at her thick fur, but it proved difficult due to how knotted it was; eventually progress began to show.  Just as I was finishing up I was thrown high into the air by the Tuskhog, getting up. She turned to face me, and get this: she jumped! She didn’t jump very high, but considering her massive size and weight it amazed me. She almost got me too, only just missing me. I felt like I was flying, but it didn’t last for long; the ground soon rushed back to me. My whole body ached, but I got up. I’d had worse.

I looked up and gave a little yelp; she was coming right for me! I rolled sideways and only just dodged one of her enormous hooves. This time she didn’t crash, instead she slowed herself and turned, coming right back again. I looked up and, lucky for me, there was a branch. I leapt upwards and grabbed the branch, swinging myself up onto it. My first plan hadn’t worked, so now I had to switch to another, slightly more dangerous method mentioned by the men. I focused; I had to do it at exactly the right time. She drew closer and closer… and then I left the branch, aiming for her back. I made it and clung onto the fur. She stopped and roared, beginning to throw herself around in an attempt to throw me away like before. But I was ready this time, prepared for it. I carefully climbed her back to where I’d clawed at her fur before, by her neck, but she knew what I was doing. She gave an extra powerful kick and sent me flying. I landed in a tree and quickly righted myself. I began to prepare myself for another jump but then I saw it; she was turning away, fleeing. I sighed and dropped to the ground; days of tracking, for nothing. I turned and began to walk back to town, empty handed.
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