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Author Topic:  ~Total Miner Nation~  (Read 692 times)

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~Total Miner Nation~
« on: April 30, 2013, 12:41:16 AM »

 Hello People of the Total Miner community My Name is XengelhartX and this is my Build team. I am Currently Looking for more members to be in the Group With different architecture styles. We will start doing videos very soon, One of are members is getting his Gaming Computer Soon, Witch is Necessary
 to start making videos.

"What is Total Miner Nation?"

Total Miner Nation is a build team/Youtube channel we do the following, Time lapses, lets plays, lets builds,and you name it we build it series.

Sounds great right? if you wish to join all i ask is that you fill out this application.

 Are you a talented builder?

What are your strong suits? detail? size? helping? Designs?

Do you have proof that your a skilled builder, maps pictures?



Have you been in a clan/building team before?

What role are you looking for? Member, organizer, Designer,.

But hurry Spots are filling up fast!

Note The website is just for Information, And to keep track of all the members, And to post videos.

Current members

1.Cooljohn122 -Owner

2.XenglehartX (My Self)-Co-owner

3.Scarp goat -Designer/Builder

4.Glacierdgalaxy -Builder

5.LSjones 54 -Builder

6.Dark Ninja797-Builder

7.WafleHouse 4Tet-Builder

8. f1ghtmebr0 Builder/Helping

9. Miss Cellany-Builder/Designer

10. Wereiswaldo114-Camera man

11. Almantux11-Builder

We are keeping the group to a low amount of members to keep it active.

Note I Reserved spots below for when we get videos up!

Any way we are sure to Amaze Everyone. 
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