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What is The Total Miner Forums?
The Total Miner Forums is a website created by the wonderful "bob"
This site's purpose is for Craig to give updates on the current state of the game, and for the community to discuss about it. There is also the Shoutbox for the community to discuss freely about the game, or what they are doing at the moment or have done.

Site Staff
Administrator - bob
Jr. Moderator - II FerGie x
Groups Manager - Tom

Rules of The Forums


Home  |  Help  |  *Groups*  |  Search  |  Profile  |  My Messages  |  Members  |  Logout


Home - Clicking this will take you back to the home screen of the forums.

Help - Clicking this will take you to a page with links to different features on the forums that you might not understand.

*Groups* - Clicking this will take you to a page with a selection of 3 things. Clans, Screenshot Gallery and Role Play. These groups are for private discussion on a clan, pictures, or role play you've made. It features many cool things you can do.

All Updates can be found Here

Search - Clicking on this will take you to a search bar, to search something on the forums of your choice. To narrow your search you can choose how old the message is, the user who made it and if you want it to match all words.

Profile - This is your own profile. You can add many cool things to it, images, colors, info about you, your interest, also after having a buddy they will appear in a list on your profile.

Profile Themes
Customization Codes

My Messages - Here you can view your messages over time. You can hold 200 messages at once. Once that limit is reached you must delete some for members to be allowed to send you another. You can also choose to preview your message before sending. Its like regular posting but instead only one person can see it. You can also choose if you want to have a copy of a message your sending.

Members - Clicking on this will take you to a list of members on this site. You can choose how to find a member. You can choose from, name, amount of post, email or not, website or not, and date registered.

Logout - Clicking this will log you out of your profile.


Guides  |  Stickies  |  Positions  |  Awards  |  Buddies/Ignore List  |  MoTM  |  Timezone  |  Notifications


Guides - All detailed guides can be found in the Guide subsection.
If you make a guide and bob likes it enough he will add it. A guide also counts as a sticky.


Stickies - A sticky means your topic will be locked at the top of the screen in the section it was made in. bob or FerGie can sticky topics, they will if your topic is good enough.

Examples of Stickied Topics -
List of Games
Literature Rules and Suggestions
The Official Total Miner Team

Positions - Positions can change from post count. Or becoming a Tester, Staff Member, Developer, or you're Miner of The Month.


Awards - Awards can be unlocked for many things. Unlocking Robotic, Becoming MoTM, being here one year and much more.

Awards List

Buddies/Ignore List - Buddies can be added by clicking on the profile of who you want to add.
On the left side of the screen, scroll down and it will say Add to buddy list.
Click that and a request will be sent to that person, they can choose to accept it if they want.
You can ignore people by clicking on your profile, then Modify Profile,
Buddies/Ignore List, Ignore List. You type there forum name and enter it.
When you block someone there replies will not fully appear. It will say You are ignoring this member. Show me the Post. And In the shoutbox it will be a shortened to appear like this

*** Name () *** Clicking the () will open it.

Miner of The Month - The Miner of The Month is given to a forum member that has been always
kind to people. Helps out when asked and is generally a kind a giving person.

Miner of The Month Hall of Fame
Current Miner of The Month
Timezone - To change your timezone do the following: Profile --> Account Settings --> Modify Profile --> Look & Layout. From here you are able to change both the time offset (to match your timezone) as well as the time and date format the forum will display.

Notifications - You might find that you're being notified of everything that's being posted, this can easily be turned off.
Profile --> Account Settings --> Modify Profile --> Notifications. From here, untick the box that says "Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic", then further down the page tick all the boxes and click Unnotify. You'll still be able to see replies to your posts and new content by following the links next to your profile picture, but you won't receive mass notifications.


The shoutbox is something that only can be seen by people with accounts that are on there accounts.
It's another nice thing on the forums that helps for communication from members to members.
You can get banned from the shoutbox for inappropriate behavior.


Ultimate Profiles

Stats  |  About Me  |  Interests  |  Signature  |  Images  | Videos  |  Customization


Stats - Your stats can be found by clicking on your profile, then profile info, show stats.
It will show up your time, post, topics, polls made, votes casted, activity of post and boards and activity on boards by posts - It looks like This

About Me - This can be accessed by Clicking on profile, modify profile, Ultimate profile.

All Known Emoticons
All of the followings are without the spaces in-between.

- Default Emoticons -
: D = :D : ! = :!
: 3 = :3 : ) = :)
: P = :P : o = :o
; ) = ;) 8 ) = 8)
: ( = :( : 8 = :8
>: ( = >:( ^ -^ = ^-^
: (( = :(( :, ( = :,(
? ?? = ??? / -: = /-:
:- * = :-* :- X = :-X
/ mooning = /mooning / heidy = /heidy

- Hidden Emoticons -
/ kitty = /kitty / assassin = /assassin
/ me = /me / ham = /ham
/ ninja = /ninja / pop = /pop
/ nt = /nt / pm = /pm
C: -) = C:-) / sage /sage
/ sg1 = /sg1 / sg2 = /sg2
/ ww = /ww / wub = /wub
/ db = /db / kk = /kk
O: -) = O:-) / ag = /ag
/ apm = /apm / bot = /bot
/ 4h = /4h >: D = >:D
/ blinky = /blinky / clyde = /clyde
/ inky = /inky / pinky = /pinky
/ gk = /gk / invader = /invader
/ bunny2 = /bunny2 / thumb = /thumb
/ boo = /boo / skull = /skull
/ bdaycake = /bdaycake / quad = /quad

Topic Sections

Development Updates
Here is where Craig will post about the Current News on TM on different consoles, Additions, and update news.

Latest News
2.XX Next Update, Updated Topic 10/03
TM on PS4

Total Miner General
This section is meant for General Discussion on Total Miner. Not about a individual gamemode.

Some General Discussion Topics
Total Miner PS4 Discussion
Newest Tester - Miss Cellany
2.1 General Discussion

Dig Deep
Anything Dig Deep. It can be tips, map seeds, a world your making, and more.

Build anything on Creative lately? Want some ideas for builds post here!

Surviving the night as it creeps by? Want help in a survival world? This is your spot.

Scripts, Circuits, Components
All things above should be here. Tutorials or Questions.

List of Scripts, Circuits, Components
Script Command Documentation
Requests for new Script Commands and Options

Post here if you have questions on skills, want to share your levels, etc.

Skill Data Dump

Questions and Answers
Got a question pertaining Total Miner? Ask it here.

Got a Total Miner Video? Share it here.

List of Videos

Your World
Working on something awesome? All game modes can be here!

Your World Guidelines
List of Worlds

Got a cool idea? This is your spot.

Good Suggestion Guide
List of Ideas

Wanna join a clan? Or make a clan? Join up here.

Changes to the Clan Section

Bug Reports [Retail]
Found a bug? Please report here.

All processed bugs will be found Here

Are you new here? Say Hello!

Replies to intro topic Guidelines

General Discussion
Don't see a section that fits your wanted discussion? Post here.

Adult Discussion Board

Wanna talk about a new or old game? Start here.

Gaming Section Guidelines
List of Games

Movies, TV, Music, Sports
All things above belong here.

List of Movies/TV Shows, Music and Sports

Writers Corner
Wrote a story? Let us read it!

Literature Rules and Suggestions

Show off your artistic skills here.

Fun House
Forum games belong here. Let the shenanigans begin.

Site news and Information
All news on the forums will be posted here.

All Official Total Miner Competitions will be posted here.

Title Screen Shots

Site Suggestions and Bugs
Wanna see something new on here? Something working incorrectly, post here.

- Credits -


TM Charles:
I like the layout well designed and easy to navigate

Great guide, I'm sure this will help many newcomers. Well done.

Love it! Buddies and Ignore list could, realistically, be put under one category. They are pretty related.

Yeah I know :P

I will combine them at a point. Once I find more things to refill its place.


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