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[Blueprint] Dispensary / Multi-Dispenser Unit
« on: July 06, 2014, 05:54:14 PM »

The picture above is a multi-dispenser. It is 8 dispenser units modded into one.

Each button is scripted to drop an item, or a set of items, directly to the player standing on the Red block in the centre.

Dispensers are useful as they are, but even more so when set up in multiple units like this as it allows you to quickly stock your inventory with pre-set items at the press of a button.

The multi-dispenser unit in this example was designed to stock my inventory with different 'Situation Sets'
-Button 1 will drop all my usual building tools into my inventory
-Button 2 will supply my interior designing tools
-Button 3 gives my farming /gardening tools
-Button 4 for electrical engineering tool set
-Button 5 stocks me with all my armour & weapons faster than the power-rangers lil song'n dance
-Button 6 for demolition tools. mhm
-Button 7 for terraforming tool set
-Button 8, well that's for cake for now, but if the Inventory [take] is added (->vote here<-), it could be used to reset/clear your inventory, which would be particularly useful here. ..even better than cake ^^

I stand on Red Block, press button, et voila! receive items..

Here's how it works:

Each button is a separate dispenser unit; Make as many as you need. They can each be coded to give any amount of any item.

A script block will run 2 scripts when its button is pressed.

The first script (the Power On script) will:
1: AddBlock [c4]
2: AddBlock [switch]
3: Addblock [chest]
4: AddInventory [wtvr items]  (use as many addinventory scripts as you need)

This is the top side, above the drop-shaft.
The chest & c4 are placed above the water block in the drop-shaft - Code your scripts to place them at those coordinates, with the switch placed on the side of the C4.

The second script (the Power Off script) will:
1: SetSwitch [on]
which will detonate the C4, in turn destroying the chest & dropping the items down the shaft to the player., button goes in; drop-shaft is loaded'n set with c4, chest & items
..button comes out; switch is flipped, c4 is detonated, destroys chest, items drop.
easy stuff :P

You will need to make a No-Edit zone covering the area as big as the blast radius, & an Edit-Zone just over the C4 & Chest.
-Replace the chest & c4 with markers then make a new editable zone. They will be encased in non-editable blocks by your No-Edit zone, so only the chest & c4 will be destroyed each use.

The hole was made just to show the C4 sitting on the Chest.

That's all there is to it.

Note: This was designed for use in a world with Combat Off. The drop-shaft will need to be extended if you want Combat On, or you will kill yourself quicker than button 8 can drop a cake ; )

Make yourself a quick way of teleporting to your Dispensary..
..keep yourself a private dispenser unit safe behind a Multi-Button locked door
..make public dispensers with a pay-per-use feature

Some other uses:
-Equip players with weapons or item-sets when entering battle arenas, mines, puzzles, games ect.
(random weapon drops in deathmatches.. use item drops as a 'trail' in an rpg adventure)
-Make it rain rewards for completing x
-Can be used alongside Admittance fees / Pay-per-use to charge players a single fee for complete item sets.
-the other things you will come up with ; )


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