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[Blueprint] Proximity detector
« on: June 29, 2014, 05:12:24 AM »
Proximity Detector

Run a script by breaking a block:

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
This simple lil idea can be used for a variety of things

Hide the switch on the back side of the block so it is inaccessible.

Could also use a Transmitter in disguise as a regular block which triggers a Power Off script when broken


Proximity Detector:

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Although using a zone to run a script when a player enters is usually a good enough way to make proximity detectors, this make-shift home-made version is a blast! plus it can detect only Admins, Only regular players, Only mobs, or a mixture of those..

For a home-made Proximity detector you will need;
-1 Landmine
-1 Transmitter
-1 Receiver
-1 Switch
-1 Scriptblock

Here's one i prepared earlier:

Minimise the blast radius & use no edit zones or blast proof blocks to encase the landmine/transmitter setup.

Keep a copy of the Landmine/Transmitter/Switch setup somewhere safe so that they can be copied into place by a script which resets the area, therefore keeping their settings, allowing a full & automatic reset of the area.

..If Landmines could emit a power signal when target is in proximity they would not need to be blown up so transmitters & receivers would not be needed

feel free to post any other ideas, methods, requests, help with particular scenarios, discuss or ask questions..

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