Author Topic:  [Blueprint] AND Gates w/Timers -(2 Buttons,1 Door)  (Read 524 times)

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[Blueprint] AND Gates w/Timers -(2 Buttons,1 Door)
« on: June 29, 2014, 02:38:01 AM »
AND Gates with Timers

Various methods on how to make 2 buttons or switches needed to open one door or safe, wtvr.

AND Gate

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
A basic AND gate
You will need;
-2 Switches
-2 Transmitters
-1 Receiver


Both switches need to be On for the Receiver to emit power.

AND Gate with timer on door

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Power on the 2 switches or button & have the door powered open for a set amount of time.
You will need;
-2 Buttons or 2 Switches
-2 Transmitters
-1 Receiver
-1 Script block


When both Switches are On, the Receiver will emit power to the Script block.
The Script block will power the door open, wait, de-power the door closed, then turn both the switches off, resetting the setup.

AND Gate with timer on buttons

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
With this setup both switches or buttons will need to be pressed within a set time.

You will need;
-2 buttons or 2 switches
-2 transmitters
-2 scriptblocks
-1 receiver


feel free to post any other ideas, methods, help with particular scenarios, discuss or ask questions..

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