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The Official Total Miner Team
« on: June 17, 2014, 04:54:00 PM »
It has come to our attention that recently a number of players have been going around claiming to be Testers as a scam to obtain maps from other players. If you are contacted by a player who claims to either be a Developer or Tester you need to immediately question if what they say is true. Don't worry, the real members of the team won't be offended if you don't believe them. We want you to ask so that you won't be fooled by scammers. Here are some ways to know if a person who claims to be a Developer or a Tester is official or not.

1. The Avatar
All Developers and Testers have their own unique Avatar to represent them in the game. If anyone joins your game claiming to be one of the two then ask them to change to that Avatar. Zeus is a Developer only Avatar while Testerman is a Tester only Avatar. As such, only legitimate Developers and Testers can use those Avatars. If the player in question refuses to switch or can't switch they are not official members of the team. (One exception, see below)

2. The In-Game Credits
The In-Game Credits can also provide you with information on who is official and who is not. The Credits screen can be accessed directly from the main menu. When viewing the credits, the current Developers are the first to show up and the current Testing team follows immediately after. If a player claims to be a Developer or Tester and you are not currently in a game with them then you can use the Credits screen to verify their authenticity. If they don't appear on those lists then they are not part of the team. (One exception, see below)

3. The Forum
This is the best way to confirm the identities of the entire Total Miner team.

The other two methods are the quickest means of knowing who is an official part of the team and who is not but may not always be up to date. If a new Developer or Tester joins the team they won't have their name added to the Credits or have their Avatar in the game until it has been updated. The forums, on the other hand, is the first place to be updated and is always kept up to date. All Developers and Testers are required to have a forums account. This means that the lack of a forum account cannot be used as an excuse from a player who is trying to pose as one.

Here on the forums a Developer can be recognized by their Red name and Testers can be recognized by their Purple name. If a player's username is any other color than those two above they are not part of the Total Miner Development or Testing team.


Finally, here is a list of all of those who belong to Team Total Miner. This list will always be updated as soon as a member is either introduced or decides to leave. As expected, if the person in question does not appear on this list then you can be sure that they are not part of the Total Miner team.

Note: The names on the list appear in order according to how they are represented on the Credits screen. (Forum Moderation team does not appear on the Credits) The members' names will appear first (if given) followed by their current gamer tag. If their forum name is different from their gamer tag it will appear in parenthesis beside it.

Format:  Name | Gamertag | (Forum Name)

The Total Miner Development Team
Programming: Craig Martin | DirtyGames99 | Tota1 Miner  (Craig)
Artist: Stephen W. H. Martin | Martindoolittle  (martindoolittle)

The Total Miner Forum Moderation Team
Bob  (bob)
Tommy H. | Kooga Elite  (Tom)

The Total Miner Testing Team
TM Clerical  (Clerical)
Jamen Nunley | v Zoidberg v  (Zoidberg)
Las3rShark  (Conmaan)
Brandon S. | Get Inn The Jet (RF Inn The Jet)

Previously On The Total Miner Team

Programming PC Port: Campbell Roycroft | (EchelonXIII)
Builder: Steven Wilson | Baldygargoyle

Public Relations
Andrew Swanger | Durandal

Mike Eves | Evesy
Neil Fergus | II FerGie x

Amy | Milkshakez7z  (Kitty)
Jared Kuse | Jeff McNewmen
Michial "YoungSykotic182" Hamilton
G. Aston | muDsluG i1  (muD)
Mason Turpin | X B1ack W1dow X
Vincent Tulino | Zz Klann zZ
Kane Robson | SwiftGeneration
Brent Marvich | AceWingMan
John Phillips | Derfen Steve
Nathan | Auroras Calling
Sean | LXY Duckboy
Ian Williams | DieHardPunisher
David F. | ACelticYankee9
George | Magik Chicken
Invisis | Invicten
Noble Productions | killjoy johnboy
NightFall | PsychoVisionz
Dan Steer
Miss Cellany
Josh Valstand | Jack of Shades

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