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Halo Machinima Thing.
« on: April 23, 2013, 10:37:30 AM »
This was originally a Machinima that me and my friends where going to do but stuff happens and plans fail so I was just left with it really. So i'd thought id lay it to rest here. Warning swears!

Scene 1
Scene: [Camera pans over the moon relay outpost. The moon base itself is in the middle of receiving a transmission from the planet below.]
Davis: “Come in moon base, come in moon base. This is Private Davis, Spartan 119.
Moon base: “What is the nature of your transmission Private?”
Davis: “it’s hell down here you’ve gotta’ send reinforcements!”
Moon base: “Understood Private, we’ll be sending…”
[Message interrupted by a bloodcurdling scream followed by gunshots shortly after and the man shouting “kill it!” Followed by more gunfire]
Moon base/Biddle: “Who are you and what are you doing sending a transmission at a time like this. Don’t you know what’s happening? Your actions just got a man killed.”
Davis: “What the? Listen, I’m a Spartan 4 on earth and I’m requesting reinforcements to help me try and combat this thing.”
Biddle: “avacado. It’s on earth too? Alright I meet you at the, (mumbles to himself) let me see. Ah. Here we go I’ll meet you at the Mass Drivers in the Longbow Station.”
Davis: “blueberry that! It’s miles away.”
[No reply from Spartan 3]
Davis: “Hello. You there?”
Moon base: [female/robotic voice] “Activating self-destruct sequence, please evacuate [slightly changed tone] Moon base Foxtrot.”
Scene: [Ends with camera looking at the planet below]

Scene 2
Scene: [Davis makes his way to the Longbow Station when he arrives there he sees Spartans fighting]
Davis: “Hey guys! Stop fighting, they’re Spartans!”
Random Spartan: “Kid get away from here while you still can!”
Scene: [As Davis gets closer he realises that some of the Spartans look different]
Davis: “What the blueberry? It can infect Spartans too?”
Scene: He joins in the fight and manages to kill the infected Spartans but only him and another Spartan remain.
Birley: “Heh for a private you sure can fight.”
Davis: “Ha ha thanks. You learn fast when an evil alien parasite tries to destroy humanity.”
Birley: “I guess you’re right. Come on let’s get out of here and try and find some other Spartans. By the way I’m lieutenant Birley 153”
Davis: “Nice to meet you I’m Private Davis 119. Sorry but I’m staying. I'm waiting for someone.”
Birley: “Who the blueberry would risk both of your lives just to meet you in this avacadohole”
Davis: “He was the Moon Base and said he was bringing reinforcements.”
Birley: “Why didn’t you tell me that before, blueberry going to look for other Spartans. We’ll wait for them to come to us.”
Scene: [Birley and Davis make their way to the mass drivers and wait until Biddle arrives alone]
Biddle: “Hello boys.”
Birley: “I thought you said this jackass was bringing people.”
Davis: “What!? I thought he was.”
Biddle: “Bringing? People? When did I say that?”
Davis: “Back at Moon base.”
Biddle: “Oh! Those reinforcements. Yeah, they’re dead.”
Davis and Birley: What!?
Biddle: “You began your transmission just as this thing started to attack Moon base. I went to defend the communications officer so he could send out a distress signal but by the time I got there he was already dinner.”
Birley: “Well what the blueberry do we do now?”
Biddle: “We try and stop this mess. Come on let’s go!”
Scene: [The three Spartans head off into the distance]

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