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The Stills killer.
« on: May 28, 2014, 11:22:30 AM »
A rainy late October night 1928 - Panama City,Florida.

A small candy store by the boardwalk,popular durning the summer season. Burnt to Ash by the cleansing flames, revealing its secret a front for a distillery making moonshine.

"Over hear Detective!" Said the officer stepping a side of the doorway he guarded.

Detective Miller tipped his fedora in thanks and proceed into the shop
 "Sergeant through the back and down the stairs into the cellar"

The air was mixed with the smell of burnt sugar and ethanol, pinching the nostrils when inhaled. Detective Miller climbed over the burnt timber and ashes to make his way to the stairs to the cellar. Waiting at the bottom of the stairs stood the local mortician, speaking with the Sergeant .

"Just thought the doorway to left Miller, not a pretty site mind" Said the Sergeant pale faced pointing towards the doorway.

Detective Miller entered the distilling room to the overpowering smell of burnt flesh and to see the remains of a man, skin charred black from the flames, fragment are fabric stool to the body and hands nailed to the table keeping him upright.
Miller looked closer, there was a fragment of cigar still locked in his jaw and fragment of glass most likely from a glass jar used to hold to moonshine. Miller stood up to inspect the trail that lead to the copper still behind the victim when he was interrupted by the sergeant.

"So what you think Miller?"

"The victim was nailed to the table, draped in Moonshine and give one last smoke. When the cigar burnt through he burnt his lips and the cigar fell setting him a light taking the still and shop with him." Responded Miller.

"You think the Mob, would have taken there own guy out?" Questioned the sergeant

"They wouldn't burn there own stills and it doesn't meet the MO of any other know gangs in the area. We need to get an identification to find out who the victim was" answered Miller

"The mortician is going to try and match dental records since there is no chance of a public identification or Witnesses"
" See you back at the station"
Said the Sergeant before leaving the cellar.

Later that evening

Detective miler sat in his officer, the station was empty most officers had went home for the evening and only those on night watch was on duty.

He glanced through the local paper adjusting the lampshade for each, he stopped still in awe after stumbling across a letter in the discussion session, the words read.

"Made the Devils drink in his still, cleansed by the flame, be gods will"
The letters M A D I S O N stood bold in the Text.

(smacks you)

being stupid is gona start to hurt around here.

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Re: The Stills killer.
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2014, 12:22:47 PM »
<3 Good so far, remember every story needs a killer    -->me<--