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Author Topic:  2.03  (Read 4939 times)

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« on: May 16, 2014, 06:04:50 AM »
The intent of this patch is to fix the problem of Unlockables and Skill Levels being lost, once and for all. This patch will be submitted to peer review as soon as our peer review jail time is over, which is next Tuesday. We want to get this patch out asap to deal with the Unlockables/Skills Data loss. Any other bug fixes before Tuesday are a bonus.

Main Focus:
* Fixing the bugs that cause loss of Unlockables and Skill Levels.

* Zone behaviour. See How To -> Zones for more info.
* New Zone option to specify a script to be executed when a player enters the zone.
* New Zone script command. Allows scripts to dynamically add/delete/modify zones.
* New [absolute|relative] option on script teleport command.
* Permissions. Local players on the Host Xbox no longer need basic permissions granted to them on a new map.
* Players in a No-PvP zone can neither attack another player nor be attacked by another player.

Bug Fixes:
* Incorrect Level Up message.
* Teleport to Player sometimes did not work.
* Opening Chests cause adjacent Locked Doors to open even if the player does not have access.
* Players could not attack when frozen by an ice ring or ice arrow.
* Sentry Turrets not damaging remote players.
* Wait command on scripts not always working correctly.
* Fixed problems with Shop pricelists and when used in components.
* Fixed some balancing issues and exploits.
* Fixed some issues with accepting invites and joining sessions in progress.
* Fixed a few internal exceptions and blue screens.
* Spy holes.
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