Author Topic:  The Reddeker Intiative  (Read 287 times)

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The Reddeker Intiative
« on: May 13, 2014, 08:25:03 PM »
The landing craft buckled and ducked into a nose dive. Hell surrounded it, filling the space around it with wicked flames. Forty millimeter rounds whizzed passed the craft and exploded feet away.

They had AA support.

Chris tucked his rifle back into the weapons crate. The craft shook as a round hit it and bounced off it's shields.

"Blue-two, get me a sitrep" Chris said over the open comm to all of his troops.

"Imperials have AA support, we lost Magenta and Pink teams. XXII Corp will be joining us one we clear the AA guns along with the 35th Heavy Tanks division." Jared replied.

"Okay, get all pilots to head bearing two-four-six by nine-six-five." A blue light winked on his HUD and he closed the comm channel.

Chris shifted in his standing position. The craft just followed his order.

"500 meters sir." The pilot said.

"Aye, set her down softly."

Softly was an understatement. These ships were just to heavy to land "softly." Even when there weren't AA guns shooting them out of the sky they still made a metallic THUD when they touched the floor.

"Company Commander." Chris hated that the higher ranks never called him by his rank, it bit at him for a reason unknown to him.
"This is the Frigate Iroquois, we're launching Vulcan fighters to bomb the AA batteries. Sip on some wine and enjoy the show Lieutenant Colonel.

"No! Recall all bombers!" he yelled into the comm. Thirty-five single ships winked onto his HUD, and before they entered atmosphere, winked out of existence.

"We're losing power!" the pilot yelled. The familiar alert siren of the craft's shields collapsing played throughout the bat-like craft. A round tore through the hull and it groaned in response. Explosions enveloped it and sent it spiraling into the ground...
Yeah? Well here I am.