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Author Topic:  Total Miner: Forge Extensive Guide  (Read 40091 times)

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Total Miner: Forge Extensive Guide
« on: April 26, 2014, 07:09:25 PM »
A Total Miner: Forge Guide written by Clerical and edited by YoungSykotic182.

Please do not quote the entire topic in your replies.
Feedback is appreciated.

Table of Contents

What Is TotalMiner: Forge?

“Total Miner is the most powerful creative voxel sandbox on the Xbox 360. Build epic creations using creative tools like Copy & Paste. Build Component Libraries to use in other maps, or share online. Use circuitry to bring your maps alive. Level your character with Runescape style skills. Enjoy a Minecraft like survival mode. Find out why Total Miner is the best selling Xbox Indie Game of all time.”

Total Miner is an Xbox Live Indie Game developed by Craig Martin, founder of Greenstone Games. It is a block-building sandbox game that draws inspiration from Minecraft, Miner Dig Deep, the Total Miner community, as well as his love of Sandbox games and technical Interest.

Since its creation many fans have contributed to game with both content and ideas. All specific names can be found in the game credits on the main menu of TotalMiner.

Game Modes
TotalMiner provides the player with several distinct game modes to choose from. These modes are known as Dig Deep, Creative, Survival and Peaceful. Gameplay varies depending on the mode the player chooses to play. In some game modes there will be features that are disabled and the player must complete a certain goal or task before they become available.

Dig Deep
Dig Deep is a game mode in which the player’s goal is to mine to the bottom of the world. It is a survival type mode with two main distinctions.

The first is the map size which was increased to a surface size of 512 x 512 with a depth of 3072 blocks for all maps following the 1.8 update. The goal of Dig Deep is for players to reach the bottom overcoming a series of challenges. There are no plans to further increase the map size as the mode would become too difficult for players to complete.

The second distinction is the use of blueprints. Unlike the survival mode, players cannot craft items or blocks at any given time. They must first collect Blueprints in order to craft all items and blocks. There are Blueprints for every craftable item and block in the game which has been increased to a grand total of 165 as of the 2.0 update.

Dig Deep is composed of several rock layers. The player must mine through each of these layers to reach bedrock. The rock layers become harder and require the players to upgrade their pickaxe in order to progress. In order to do this, the blueprint for the next tier pickaxe must be found along with the resources to craft it. Many players consider the mode complete once all blueprints have been found. The final blueprint is located at the bottom of the world inside the Tower of the bedrock Hell level, commonly known as “Nexus.” Obtaining the final blueprint is no small task and can take many hours to reach.

Dig Deep has many other obstacles and challenges for the player to face besides the main quest for blueprints. This includes an entirely optional quest of obtaining wisdom scrolls. There are a total of 49 scrolls that are generally found in areas near the blueprint locations. If all the scrolls are found, the player may be rewarded with the Sage avatar. To unlock the avatar all the scrolls must be obtained by one person.

Dig Deep also has many hostile mobs for the player to defend against. Mobs will start to spawn on the surface after dusk. These mobs are strong and it is recommended that the player sleeps through the night to avoid any danger. Some mobs such as the Spider can spawn anywhere in the cave systems if there is a Spider Egg in the area, but can be prevented if the Spider Egg is removed. Players should also be on alert for Cave-ins. Rubble from the ceiling will begin to fall and will deal significant damage if the player is hit.

Players are not limited to only these challenges. Many have used this mode as their primary mode to build as they prefer the extra challenge Dig Deep has to offer. Without the use of creative tools and instant flight capability, it can take an extraordinary investment of time to get builds together.

The 1.8 update introduced a beta version of Total Miner's new Survival mode. It has since seen many improvements based on player feedback up to its current state. As the name suggests this game mode is heavily focused on the player's ability to survive.

Unlike in Dig Deep mode, the only goal is for the player to survive. Survival functions similarly to Dig Deep maps with a few key differences.

1. You can craft items without the use of blueprints.
2. The map uses creative map size dimensions instead of the dimensions of the Dig Deep mode.
3. No peaceful difficulty.

The use of rares are still in this mode as well as all the other features of Dig Deep with the exception of the changes stated above.

Take note that in Survival mode you do not have the option to change to peaceful difficulty. You will always be at risk. A separate game mode simply called "Peaceful" was made for players who wanted the ability to play on a survival world without the danger.

Creative is a game mode in which the player has unlimited resources to build with.

When you first choose to start a world in creative you have the option to select the terrain type and ground level. If "Flat" is chosen you are then prompted to select a ground block. This means that the entire map will be composed of that one block with a flat surface. The exception is the very bottom layer of the world which remains as bedrock.

Creative allows the player to fly along with the ability to build with unlimited resources at the player's disposal. With the addition of Marker Blocks players are able to use tools unique to the Creative game mode to aid them with building. These tools can help the player create large builds in a fraction of the time.

Creative Only Features.
Creative tools can only be used by placing marker blocks. When placed, these blocks establish the region in which the player can use the tool. The max region size the player is able to use is a total of 500,000 blocks. Marker blocks do not need to be placed wildly around the region.Placing one at each corner is all that is needed.

If players want to use Creative tools but do not want them to effect certain areas, they can use a "Exclude Marker" which will ignore the area inside from the creative tool.

This tool is pretty simple. It will tell you the dimensions of the area defined by the marker blocks placed as well as the total block count for that region.

This tool ignores the max block and can be used regardless of the region size.

The fill feature is used to populate a defined region with the block of the player's choice. Place marker blocks to define the region, then select the block to fill the region with.

A cube made from the Fill tool.

Clear will remove every block in the region without exception.

Clear Random
Unlike the Clear tool, Clear random does not delete everything in the region. It will delete blocks at random.

An image of the cube after the tool has been used four times.

Replace allows one block to be replaced by another. Select replace after defining the region and a menu prompt will pop up. The block to be replaced will be selected here. The menu will pop up once more. This is where the block that will replace the previous is selected.

The first image is a cube with four different blocks. The second is the same cube with two sections replaced. All done within the same region without the player having to replace each section manually.

Flood only requires one marker block to be placed. When used the entire area around the marker will be filled with the chosen block. This tool is not the same as the Fill tool. The difference it that it will not overwrite blocks, only fill in air blocks up to the area level with the marker block. Think of this as how water would flood an area. The max radius is 75 blocks on each side of the marker block. This creates a 151 diameter sphere around it if there are no obstructions.

A warning message pops up each time a player tries to use the tool in order to prevent accidental griefing of their own world. The second image is a flood in progress.

Copy And Paste
This section is very complex and requires a separate topic all on its own. For more info follow this link to a guide created by muD.

Remove Markers
This tool removes every marker on the map that has been placed in the current session. Use this tool to remove marker blocks quickly. It is recommended to do this before placing markers to perform an operation. This is to prevent accidental griefing once more.

Finite Resources
Finite Resources allows the player to toggle unlimited resources on or off. This is off by default.
When turned on the map will function similarly to Dig Deep and Survival maps and resources must be obtained in order to use. Players with the Admin permission are not affected by the toggle and will have access to unlimited resources regardless.

Day/Night Cycle
This feature toggles the day/night cycle on and off. When on, the cycle functions normally. When off, the time of day is frozen at the time the cycle was disabled. Admins can manually change the time of day using by holding the special key while moving the right thumbstick on the controller up or down.

Map Terrain Types
If the player chooses to play the Survival, Peaceful or Creative game modes, they have the option to choose the map terrain.

This is the perfect map type to start of your survival experience. The map has huge lakes, mountains and plenty of trees. Recommended as the starting choice for a new player.

The Semi-Alpine Biome.

The map is nothing but grassy hills and flat lands. It has a fair amount of trees and the odd pool of water. Recommended for players with some experience.

A Grasslands Biome.

Spawn in a desert. This is recommended for veteran players on survival as there are no trees on the map. The player will have to search for an Oasis. Here saplings are spawned and will need to be mined and replaced in order for trees to grow.

A desert biome.

This option is exclusive to creative worlds only and is a map with flat surface. Selecting this will allow the player to select the ground block.

Block select screen and an image of a flat map.

Custom Terrain
This is by far the most detailed and give you the most control out of any other terrain type.

It allows you to edit several terrain parameters, These include
Sea Level:
Ground Block:
Max Height:
Dirt Height:
Basalt Height:
SnowLayer Height:
Snow Height:
Max Sea Depth:
Water Saturation:
Each having there own effect on the world, which allows players to create unique worlds for them to play on.

Craig made a topic that goes in depth on what each parameter does.

The 2.0 update brought Jewellery into the game. Jewellery can be enchanted to offer certain stat bonus's for the player.

Enchanted Jewellery:
Ring Of Bob: An Enchanted Greenstone Ring. 10% of any damage your receive from an enemy attack will be recoiled back on to the enemy.

Amulet Of Fury: An Enchanted Greenstone Amulet. Increases your chance of inflicting a max hit on your opponent during combat by 5%

Necklace Of Knowledge: An Enchanted Greenstone Necklace. All XP earned is increased by 20%

Ring of Ice: An Enchanted Sapphire Ring. If you strike an enemy while wearing this ring they will be frozen to the spot for a short time. Enemies will have brief respite from an immediate follow up freeze attack due to their freeze effect immunity.

Unknown Amulet: An Enchanted Sapphire Amulet. The properties of this Amulet are a mystery.

Unknown Necklace: An Enchanted Sapphire Necklace. The properties of this Necklace are a mystery.

Spider Ring: An Enchanted Ruby Ring. Grants the ability to walk up walls. It also reduces fall damage and allows the wearer to walk over steel spikes without harm. Negative Combat bonuses are in effect while equipped.

Predator Amulet: An Enchanted Ruby Amulet. You become a silhouette. Mobs cannot see you unless you are in combat with them. Mobs can still hear you though.

Necklace Of Hypocrisy: An Enchanted Ruby Necklace. When mining naturally generated ores, this necklace gives you an 80% chance of harvesting two ore from the one block, and a 20% chance you'll get none.

Ring Of Exemption: An Enchanted Diamond Ring. If your health becomes critical (less than 10% of your Max Health), you will be instantly teleported to the closest spawn point.

Amulet Of Starlight: An Enchanted Diamond Amulet that will surround you in brilliant star light while equipped.

Necklace Of Farsight: An Enchanted Diamond Necklace. Grants you the power to see through solid rock. But beware, you will take 5 hit points of damage every second, your combat stats receive a massive negative bonus and you can only move very slowly.

"Rare" Items are obtained from rare drops from aggressive Mobs or by finding them in rare chests underground. Each rare grants the player a new ability which can help them in many situations.
Rares are not common and can take awhile to obtain. Once found they can be bought from the item shop.

Shield Badge = Negates a certain amount of damage inflicted on the player, Also offers the highest amount of defense stat for any item.

Water Talisman = Allows Players to breath under water for the duration of the Talisman.

Amulet Of Flight = Grants Players the ability to fly on non Creative worlds. Fly permission must be turned on to use.

Battle Axe = The most powerful weapon in the game.

Elven Bow = The most powerful bow in the game. This bow does not consume ammo when used.

Ten League Boots = Gravity Defying Super Boots, These boots grant the wearer increased speed and decreased gravity.

Leveling And XP
Total Miner added a "RuneScape" style leveling system for the 2.0 update. The player can chose to turn skills on when starting a map. If the map is not a Creative map, Players will not be able to disable skills once the map has been started. All players start at level 1 and can increase to a max of 99.
Using the Enchanted green stone necklace, Named Necklace of knowledge, you will gain 20% additional XP.

Health: A secondary skill that is raised by all forms of combat. This skill determines what a player's max health is. Health starts at 10 by default and increases by 3 points per level gained,

Strength: A secondary skill that is raised by any skill that uses the arms. This skill determines how hard the player's max hit will be and allows them to equip certain items,
Some weapons can even raise strength directly.

Attack: A skill raised by fighting with melee weapons. This skill determines how often the player will score a hit, also determines what weapon a player can use.

Defense: A skill raised by fighting with spears and pikes. This skill determines what armors can be equipped and gives a higher chance to block incoming attacks.

Ranged: A skill raised by hitting mobs with ranged weapons. This skill determines what bows and arrows can be equipped. Each higher tier bow has an increased damage/fire rate and each arrow gives bonus damage. Some arrows have a special effect such as freezing.

Mining: A skill raised by mining blocks with a pickaxe. This skill determines what rocks and minerals can be mined as well as what pickaxe the player can equip. The next tier pickaxe is more effective than the previous. The most powerful of the set is the Titanium Pickaxe.

Digging: A skill raised by digging blocks with a shovel. This skill determines what can be dug and what shovel can be used. The next tier shovel is more effective than the previous. The most powerful of the set is the Diamond Shovel.

Chopping: A skill raised by chopping blocks with an axe. This skill determines what can be chopped and what axe can be equipped. The next tier axe is more effective than the previous. The most powerful of the set is the Diamond Axe.

Building: A skill raised by placing anything that can be placed. Each block requires a certain level to place. The last available block is Uranium, which requires the player to be level 60 before they can place it.

Smelting: A skill raised by smelting items in a furnace. This skill determines what items and materials can be smelted.

Smithing: A skill raised by Crafting items using metals. This skill determines what equipment can be crafted out of metals.

Farming: A skill raised by planting and gathering crops. This skill determines what seeds can be planted and what tier Hoe and Scythe can be used.

Cooking: A skill raised by crafting or cooking food. This skill determines what healing items can be used. Press LB over an item to see its healing properties.

Looting: A skill raised by gathering drops from mobs or opening chests underground. The higher the looting level, the more valuable the drops can get.
Combat level is a combination of the player's Health, Strength, Attack, Defense and Ranged skills.

Skill levels gained will carry over to all maps the player plays on. They are not specific to one map.
When playing Dig Deep or Survival, Skills can only be turned on in the map lobby when first creating the map. They cannot be turned on or off afterwards. If the player had a map that existed before the 2.0 update, they had the choice to turn leveling on when loading the map for the first time after the game was updated.

The amount of XP required to reach level 99 can take several weeks to achieve. XP is gained from almost anything the player does. When skills are on, all items and blocks will require the player to level up in order to use them. When examining an item, it will notify the player what skill level is required to use it, how much XP it gives when used and what skill it will give the XP to.

As with every game with combat in it, the better the weapon the higher the level required. More damage per second (DPS) can be achieved with higher level weapons.

Now with the addition of 2.0 all players and mobs have their own level. A higher level defense reduces the chance of being hit. A higher level of Attack will increase the chances of a successful hit. Strength determines how hard the hit will be once made.

2.0 also introduced critical hit points. Each player and mob now has 2 hit boxes. The main one, which covers the whole body from the shoulders down to the feet, (it does not cover the head) and a new second one which covers the critical area. The critical area is the head and central torso.

If the main box is hit, the damage potential is 0 - 75% of the player's max hit. If the critical box is hit, the damage potential is 25 - 100% of the player's max hit.

For more information on combat view Craig's Combat System Topic here:

Scripts were a new feature introduced in the 2.0 update. They are fairly complicated to use but offer endless possibilities to create new and original things.

For a complete guide on Scripts follow this link to a guide made by the forum member muD.

Circuits & Logic Gates
Circuits & Logic Gates were another feature added in the 2.0 update. Circuits provide the player with the ability to send power via wifi signals. No wires needed.
Follow this link to again view a more detailed guide created by the forum member muD.

One of Total Miner's most popular features is its ability to play online. Players can join games with up to 24 other players online.

On the main menu, select the Play option and go to Xbox Live. From here a player can join a game and search through numerous worlds to see what others have built, or they can host their own world for others to join and invite friends.

Gamer Zones
As with all Indie games, players join other players according to their Gamer Zone. The worlds that appear on the world session screen all fall according to the player's current gamer zone setting. The player can change their gamer zone to find other players who are hosting maps who share the same gamer zone.

Permissions are used to control the world. They provide the host and admins with the power to keep griefing to a minimum, which means more people can have fun in the world and not get annoyed.

The permission system allows for five tiers of players.

 1. Non participants
 2. Adventurers
 3. Restricted Builders (and advanced adventurers)
 4. Creators
 5. Admins

Non Participant (No Permissions):
These players have no permissions and can't do much. It is better to give a player at least Adventure permission so that they can participate in the game to some degree.
What they can do:
   Access crates.
   Walk around.
   Kill mobs.
   Read books. (no edit)
   Read NPC speech bubbles. (no edit)
   Open unlocked doors.

Adventurer (Adventure Permission):
These players have restricted permissions but are still able to play in the world.
What they can do:
  Collect Pickups.
  Access Unlocked Chests, Furnaces, Bookcases.
  Access Economized Shops. (but not economize them)
  Rate worlds.

Restricted Builders and Advanced Adventurers (Edit Permission):
These players are able to individually edit *non grief blocks so that they can mine resources and build structures. They do not have access to any feature which allows serious griefing.
*grief blocks: Spider Eggs, Steel Spikes, NPC Spawners, Turrets, Mines.
What they can do:
  Individually edit *non grief blocks.
  Set (existing) Textures/Keys/Paintings/Teleport Channels.
  Economize shops.
  Toggle their nameplate visibility to Far.
  Creative -> Measure.
  Creative -> Remove Markers.

Creators (Creative Permission):
These players are your world builders, they have fairly unrestricted access to building and creative tools.
What they can do:
  Use all Creative Tools except Creative Flood. (in Creative mode only)
  Place spider eggs, steel spikes, NPC spawners, Invisible Barriers.
  Use Ambient Sound and Script blocks.
  Change frequencies on Wifi blocks.
  Access System shops. (with 1 exception, they cannot buy skeleton keys)
  Edit NPC speech.
  Edit / Copy Books.
  Add/Remove Textures/Keys/Paintings/Teleport Channels.

Turning this permission off protects against accidental or intentional use of features that can cause serious grief.
What they can do:
  Start fires.
  Blast permission.
  Use buckets to Flood.
  Use Creative Flood. (Creative mode only)

Players with Fly Permission can fly around the map.
Note: Players using the Robotic Avatar are not bound by this permission, so they can fly even if they do not have the fly permission.

Players with Map Permission can:
  View their mini map.
  Toggle their mini map on or off.
  View the top view surface map.

Players with Save Permission can save their clipboard as a component to their own Xbox.

These players are your world administrators.
What they can do:
  Set permissions for other non admin players.
  Use Zones.
  Teleport to Player.
  Ghost other players.
  No Clip. (Creative mode only)
  Time FFWD/REV. (Creative maps only)
  Access the Creative Menu when Finite Resources is On. (Creative maps only)
  Remove locked chests and locked doors placed by other players.
  Edit inside Non-Edit Zones.
  Buy Skeleton keys from system shops.
  Use the Admin Teleport Channel. (Red)
  Unrestricted Mini Map.
  Toggle most game options.

Another detailed guide by muD.

What Are Zones?

A Zone is an area in your world which has been selected to contain a specific set of attributes within them.

Zones determine where players will Spawn, where they can Fly, where they are able to attack one another, where they can Edit & who can Edit where.

Zones are created & managed by the Host & Admins of the world.

Where Can They Be Used?
  • Zones can be used in all game and world types.
  • They can be used anywhere in any world.
  • Zones can be of any size. (Including the size of the world)
  • Zones can also over-lap one another

How Are They Used?

To create a Zone, place Marker Blocks to define the zones area, then press Pause -> Game -> Zones -> Add Zone. Enter a name for the zone, and the zone is created.
There is no limit to how big a Zone can be. It can cover the whole world or be a small as 2 blocks, So you need atleast 2 Marker Blocks to define a zone.

Once a zone has been created it will appear in your list of Zones where you can edit its attributes.
Admins can edit or remove Zones at any time by pressing Pause -> Game -> Zones -> Edit Zones

Zone Settings

This is used to either allow or disallow players the ability to add or remove blocks within the Zone.
Players that do not have Edit Permissions will not be able to edit in the zone either way.

This is used to either allow or disallow players the ability to fly within the Zone.
Players that do not have Fly Permissions will not be able to fly in the zone either way.

Players will spawn in these zones when they first join a world, escape to surface or die.
Multiple Spawn Zones can be used in a world. Players will spawn at the nearest spawn zone after death.

A Spawn Zone cannot contain Any solid blocks. The Spawn option will not be selectable if the area is not clear of blocks & of at least 2 blocks in height.

Spawn Zones are non-editable. The Edit option will not be selectable if the zone has Spawn enabled.

Player vs Player Combat. When Combat is On in the game settings, this Zone setting determines which areas players Can & Cannot engage in combat.
A message is displayed informing the player that it is a 'Non-PvP Zone' if they are trying to attack another player within it.

Builder (Other)
Any player currently in your world can be assingned to a Zone as its Builder. The player will also require Edit Permissions.
If a Builder is assigned to a Non-Edit Zone, then only that player & Admins can edit inside that zone.

entry/exit Script (Other)
Entry/exit scripts causes a script to activate when a player enters or leaves a zone.

Combat Level Difference (Other)
Combat level Difference manages which players can attack who based on skill level, If disabled everyone can attack everyone. If set to 5 only players 5 levels above or below can attack each other.

Speed/Gravity (Other)
Speed and Gravity Multipliers are zone settings that will change the speed/gravity in the zone, you can even set gravity to negitive to cause players to fall upwards.

Escapet Toggle (Other)
If you diable this option Players will no longer be able to use the "Escape" feature, Usefull for jail scripts and traps.

Admins are not effected by No-Zones.
To 'Ignore' the Speed/Gravitiy multiplier you can enable No-Clip mode.

Some Zone options will override others where the zones may overlap. For example;
  • Edit Zones take precedence over Non-Edit zones -(Edit zones can be placed inside No Edit zones)
  • No-PvP Zones take precedence over PvP zones -(PvP zones cannot be placed inside No-PvP zones)
  • Fly Zones take precedence over No-Fly zones -(Fly Zones can be placed inside No-Fly zones)

Viewing Zones:
Press Pause -> Game -> Zones, then toggle View Zones to On
This will allow Admins (& players) to see the boundaries of each zone.

The colour of the zone is determined by its attributes.

A zone which has the Spawn option enabled will always be White.

A zone with PvP enabled will be Yellow

A zone with PvP & Edit enabled will be Blue

All other configurations of zone options will have a Red zone.

Defining Private Slots
To set up private slots, go to the menu to host a game. While in the lobby, there will be two options on the top left. One if for the maximum amount of players that can be in the game at any given time and the other is for how many of those players must be invited to the game to join. Also known as private slots. The maximum amount of players includes the host. Setting this to eight actually means that the host plus seven can join.

Private slots determines how many players can join the game without an invite. If the player hosts a game with eight maximum players and four private slots, only three other players can join without an invite. If the player wants to host a completely private server they must raise the amount of private slots to one less than the maximum player slots. For example a private game with eight maximum players would have seven private slots. This means that the game will have the host plus seven other players who must be invited in order to join.

The amount of private slots cannot exceed the amount of maximum players. These settings can only be set while in the lobby screen.

An image of the lobby screen highlighting the location of the Private Slots option.

Unlockable Avatars are Total Miner's own form of an in-game achievement system. The player starts the game with a few default skins and can complete certain tasks in order to unlock more character skins to use. Some of these tasks are easy while others are incredibly difficult and time costly. To unlock all skins the player must play online with others.

Not every skin in the game can be unlocked by the player. There are three skins that are unlocked by different means. The first is the Robotic avatar, which requires the player to win a Robotic based competition, and the other two are the Demi Gods. The Demi Gods are unlocked when a Developer joins the world and places a Zeus NPC for the player. These avatars are the most sought after avatars in the game. Robotic also has the ability to fly in any mode without the fly permission.

Below is a list of every unlockable with its respective unlock method.
More information can be viewed in game by opening the pause menu and navigating to the Player title. The option to select Unlockables is located there.

Boy = "Default."

Girl = "Default."

Princess = "Default."

Girl2 = "Go Shopping."

Girl3 = "Default."

Girl4 = "Default."

Original = "Default."

Astronaut = "Visit 10 remote worlds."

Angel = "Save 15 players from death by killing the enemy they're being preyed on."

Carpenter = "Craft your first Workbench."

Caveman = "Mine 500 blocks the old fashioned way, with a wood pickaxe."

Chef = "Craft every ingredient and Cook every food type at least once."

Cowboy = "Kill 50 enemies while hanging from a rope."

DemiGod/ess = "Various Requirements"

Diablo = "Secret. (You will have to wait till 2.0 to find this out)"

Explorer = "Find your first Blueprint and your first Wisdom Scroll."

Entrepreneur = "Make 1 Million in Gold."

GoldenKnight = "Have 300 remote visitors rate your world."

Handyman = "Craft every craftable item at least once."

Hippie = "Throw 30 stacks of flowers at an enemy."

Indian = "Craft a Wood Bow. Craft 200 Arrows. Kill 50 enemies using your Bow."

InvaderMan = "Score 20,000 points on the Total Invaders Arcade game."

Jamaican = "Use the Rasta block with the Creative Fill feature."

King = "Host an online game with at least 10 concurrent players."

Knight = "Reach Bedrock and kill at least 50 enemies along the way."

Lumberjack = "Plant 20 saplings, chop 20 replanted trees and craft 80 Wood Planks."

Madman = "Detonate 500 explosives."

Medic = "Heal yourself 50 times, and heal another player 50 times."

Ninja = "Kill 20 unique remote players without dying."

Pirate = "Open 30 Treasure Chests."

Prisoner = "Escape to the surface."

Pupil = "Read every How To instruction."

Refugee = "Kill your first remote player over Xbox Live."

Robotic = "Win a Total Miner Robotic Avatar based competition."

Sage = "Find every Wisdom Scroll."

Soldier = "Craft a Grenade Launcher. Craft 50 Grenades. Launch 50 Grenades."

Terminator = "Kill 200 enemies with the Grenade Launcher."

Zombie = "Survive the first 5 nights without sleeping."

TreeHugger = "Chop down a tree."

TesterMan = "Testers only."

HermesWraith = "Unique Content Contributors"

Zeus = "Developers only."

There are two skins ordinary players cannot unlock. Both Zeus and TesterMan are exclusive to members of the TM Team. Zeus belongs to the Developers while TesterMan is given to the testers. These avatars have powers that allow the team to perform actions players cannot normally do while the game is being tested. Zeus retains these powers on the retail version.

Here is a section to where i will post the names of those who have helped make the guide possible.

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Thank Goodness for spoilers.

But very good job Clerical!  ;)
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Very detailed. I like it. One thing,
"Find out why Total Miner is the best selling Xbox Indie Game of all time"
Sadly, CastleminerZ is the current most popular of all time in sales,

I look at small errors, I've began to notice greatly just recently.


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Re: Total Miner: Forge Extensive Guide
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2014, 07:21:45 PM »
Very detailed. I like it. One thing,
"Find out why Total Miner is the best selling Xbox Indie Game of all time"
Sadly, CastleminerZ is the current most popular of all time in sales,

I look at small errors, I've began to notice greatly just recently.
The quote itself is not a mistake. It is taken directly from the game's description.


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Re: Total Miner: Forge Extensive Guide
« Reply #4 on: April 26, 2014, 07:27:02 PM »
The quote itself is not a mistake. It is taken directly from the game's description.
Explains that. I'm guessing it was the top selling when it was updated.
surprising how it still isn't


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Re: Total Miner: Forge Extensive Guide
« Reply #5 on: April 26, 2014, 07:30:01 PM »
Explains that. I'm guessing it was the top selling when it was updated.
surprising how it still isn't
Yep that is most likely the case.


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Re: Total Miner: Forge Extensive Guide
« Reply #6 on: April 26, 2014, 07:32:20 PM »
Great Job!  I'm sure this will clear up a lot of things for a lot of people!
Thank you!
Now 'pin' it.


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Re: Total Miner: Forge Extensive Guide
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Great Job!  I'm sure this will clear up a lot of things for a lot of people!
Thank you!
Now 'pin' it.
You were ninja'd ;)


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Re: Total Miner: Forge Extensive Guide
« Reply #8 on: April 26, 2014, 07:37:31 PM »
Great Job!  I'm sure this will clear up a lot of things for a lot of people!
Thank you!
Now 'pin' it.
Thanks, was pinned while you was commenting ;).

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Re: Total Miner: Forge Extensive Guide
« Reply #9 on: April 26, 2014, 07:39:51 PM »
Well done. Looks great. Nicely formatted & easy to read. Straight info, no nonsense. Really good guide :thumbsup: