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« on: April 22, 2014, 10:37:11 AM »

Introduction: (Note that this intro is taken entirely from my map The Moon)
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
<<The Uranium Mining Corporation >> (UMC)

<<Level 6 Clearance>>

<<Authorized Eyes Only>>

<<Genetics Modification Research>>

Dr. Anders: Genetic Modification of human test subjects has yielded unexpected results. As soon as we discovered that the element in question (Opalium) actively merges with any and all genetic material we began our experiments...

Subjects injected with mild doses of Opalium begin to, over time, develop regenerative abilities (particularly skin and organ tissue regeneration). However, there are side effects that have led me to believe that Opalium is not all that it is led up to be.

With the regeneration of skin and organ tissues comes the degeneration of brain tissue. Most test subjects end up losing their psychological and emotional stability within the course of a week, developing serious psychological illnesses. It has been proven that these side effects cannot be contained.

Because of this conclusion, the only way in which Opalium can be utilized as a weapon against other nations is if it is used in heavy doses against the citizen population. Military entities would have to use weapons of mass destruction on their own populous in order to entirely eliminate the threat, as there is no possibility of a cure for Opalium Sickness.

<<End of Transmission>>

<<Incoming Message>>

Uranium Mining Corporation: Doctor Anders, we request that you bring the information you have gathered to our main facility. We wish for you to continue your research there. More information will be given on arrival.

<<End Message>>

Further entries will come soon. I plan on following the story of one of the test subjects. The first chapter will include how he got on the UMC testing facility, what his experiences were during the time he was tested on, and what occurred directly after Doctor Anders left. Thanks for reading :)


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