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Author Topic:  2.02  (Read 7033 times)

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« on: April 19, 2014, 12:28:06 AM »
Patch 2.02 will be another quick turnaround patch to remove most of the remaining important bugs not covered in 2.01.

* Hotbar transparency option added.
* Hotbar right hand cursor color changed to white.
* Hotbar now shows the names of the currently equipped items.
* Hotbar now allows cursor movement of both cursors in both directions.
* Sign Text capacity doubled.
* Torches added to Item Shop.
* Weapon mining times adjusted.
* Teleport script command added.
* Player Skill Level Up notifcations added.
* Player Waiting To Sleep notification added.
* Mob Kill notifications removed (except Diablo).
* Xbox Notifications moved to Top Right of screen.
* Player Health generation speed is now a constant.
* Option to toggle natural Mob spawning in Creative.
* Mobs option added to Zones in all game modes except Survival.
* Mobs now only attack other mobs that are not fighting, to reduce converging.
* Players can now strike with every punch (hand combat).
* Waiting scripts no longer use up a background thread.
* Night time enemy mobs now only spawn in area's with no light.
* Coal now spawns near the surface and occasionally on the surface.
* All Ores now more plentiful, especially Coal, Iron, Carbon and Gold.
* Max Hit calculation changed.
* Max Health (hit points) calculation changed (Level 1 players now start at 10 HP).
* Mob Combat levels recalculated to use new Max Hit and HP calculation changes.
* Scripts available to use in Dig Deep only once the Script Block blueprint has been found.
* Prospecting a block copies it's coordinates to the Script Editor clipboard for easy pasting into scripts.

Bug Fixes:
* 4 Bluescreen error fixes.
* Healing others fixed.
* Rupture HD texture pack fixes.
* Hotbar sometimes disappearing.
* Remotes not getting Looting XP.
* Bonemeal overwriting some blocks.
* Code 4 Map caused by too many markers.
* Chests not emitting power when opened.
* Blueprints changing to Gold Coin blueprints.
* Mob Custom Health.
* Mobs dropping locked items in Dig Deep.
* Admins can no longer edit inside spawn zones.
* Sometimes chunk graphics don't reload after edits.
* Explosions detonated by power bypass Blast permission.
* Not For Sale items icon carrying over to system shops.
* Player proximity is inaccurate when placing blocks.
* Player health starting at 1 when joining a new world.
* Player health / strength levels not updated correctly to remotes.
* If XP gained is more than 1 level - eg looting - causes extended green bar and negative xp to next level value.
* Saving components with invalid characters causes a Code 4 error.
* Clear block lag causing ability to place blocks on a block that should be cleared already.
* Overhead Map load freeze.
* Overhead Map graveyard markers not being removed after some time has elapsed.
* Overhead Map graveyard markers being saved/loaded as normal markers.
* Overhead Map admin markers being saved/loaded as normal markers.
* 10 different exploits fixed.
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Re: 2.02 Patch
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2014, 09:29:43 PM »
The plan is to put this update into peer review tomorrow.