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To My Dearest Body
« on: March 03, 2014, 12:28:26 AM »
     This is just a little experimental piece of writing I want to try. The "story" is of a person by the name, Sparrow, who is writing to letters to his limbs and body parts. Some of these stories (if not most or all) may contain some sort of mild gore. Just thought I should let everyone know :P

     Anyways, here it goes! Hope you enjoy or find it interesting ;)

Dear, Left Leg.
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Dear, Left Leg.

     To me, you were always the one part of me who didnít accomplish much. I remember the day we learned to walk together. You took the most falls out of all my limbs. Hell, I canít remember how many times youíve been scgraped, or all the various places you bled. For something so damaged and impractical at the time, you were pretty strong.

     Remember when I broke you for the first time? You caused me so much painÖ Who knew ladders would be so dangerous for us. One minute, weíre leaving Aaronís tree house. The next thing I know, youíre angled with my shoe touching my nose and Iím screaming like I just witnessed a murder. You were smothered in a plaster mould for 2 months, and you caused me quite the itching episodes.

    Our second time through pain was after we tried jumping off of Steep Rock. You made me slip and land in the shallow water down below. You took all the impact for the rest of my body and ended up putting us through physical therapy for a few months after seizing my right leg as well. At least our therapist was cute. We did our best to impress her whenever we tried walking. Righty took all the credit, but you still did a fine job.

    Then came our final run together. After we got into our car crash and you lost all feeling. I donít remember if it was shock, or you took the only damage that day. For awhile, weíd always forget that you couldnít do anything. Those times getting out of bed were always hard on me. I didnít know how I could live without you being there to support me. The first few months, we could get around on crutches, but I soon realized that limited what use I had with my hands.

    At first, I felt relieved for cutting you off. Sure I almost died from blood loss, but I felt a huge weight lift off of me, both mentally and physically. Face it, Left Leg, all you did was hold me back. You mayíve saw most of your pain as acts of kindness, but think of all the trouble you put me through. I thought I lost all feeling in you after our crash, but as soon as I reached the bone, I recalled the pain I felt when we fell out of that tree house and realized that this saw halfway through you was much more horrible. If Amanda hadnít been coming to visit me that day, I probably wouldíve died in that shed, holding you in my arms.

     Now, I am in regret for cutting you off. You decomposed after a few weeks, and now I no longer remember what you looked like. Iím incomplete without you. Although you could never kick a ball, you did make a pair of jeans look good.

See you some other time,