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"Crystalized" Brand New Challenge Map
« on: February 07, 2014, 02:39:37 AM »
Hello my fellow miners I am here to bring the community a next generation challenge map "Crystalized". My mindset on this map is to open the eyes of other challenge map builders. I plan to make this map with outstanding detail that will blow you away but am hoping that this challenge maps will change the way other challenge map are made and planed out. Like the end of box maps that have no detail but I hope to change that so the next time you enter a challenge map you will see a difference in the way that one person used to build and how their building now which involves them starting to put more effort into their builds and also their floor or room design so here are descriptions about the next Generation Challenge map.

*Main Hall/Spawn*

The Main Hall is the most common area when it comes to challenge maps so that's why the main hall involves alot of detail with a outstanding floor design and a fountain as seen in the photos.


Even though its A common Room it still need it share of Detail and effort put into it as well point being even though it should be a small room doesn't mean it has to bigger room equal more detail to put into it as seen in the photos.


Stairs,Fences,Spikes that all there is these days well I got tired of that and so did many other people so my solution to that was to make orignal challenges which involves jumping from block to block so I hope everyone will enjoy that and you can take a look at in the pictures.

Trivia is trivia it's just a bunch of questions but some Challenge map builders don't had detail to their rooms the just add flat walls but for me I like to decorate my trivia as seen in the pictures below.

*Hall of Fame*

It's A Hall of Fame with detail what else is there to say but you can still see in the photos below.

*Photos of "Crystalized"


So I hope you enjoyed review my New Challenge map "Crystalized" I enjoyed making this world and I hope I see you all there when it opens on 2/23/14
Yours Truly,

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