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new story
« on: February 01, 2014, 08:51:23 AM »
i probably wont work on this often because i have a lot to do at the moment but ill try add a new chapter frequently
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
The carriage rolled to stop at the gate and the carriage guard got off and went to talk to the guards at the gate, in muffled voices they exchanged words and the gate guards walked towards the carriage to inspect what was in it. Once the inspection was done he shouted to another guard at the top of the city wall. “Open the gate!”
The gate opened and the carriage moved on out of the city and on to the cobble road where the horses picked up speed and left the large city behind, the finale creak of the door sounded and then the city was closed of once more until the next person needed access.
The carriage didn’t slow but kept pace and the wildlife outside was a blur of colours, suddenly the carriage driver let out a shriek followed by a thud on the ground
“Herich is everything ok?” Asked the passenger, but no response was given the passenger asked again “Heri…”
The carriage slid to one side and the passenger could see the horses struggling to stay up on the path and just as they were levelling out an arrow stuck one of the horses in the thigh and it toppled over and slid down the hill dragging the carriage with it. The horses reins broke setting the horses free but the carriage was still falling, then it hit a small patch of rocks making the carriage tip and then the carriage was flipping down the hill making the passenger fly around the cabin, The carriage reached the bottom and the door sailed of and the roof caved in leaving the carriage just a smashed up piece of wood lying on the ground the passenger crawled out covered in blood with her red dress torn and covered in dirt
“HELP!” she screamed but she knew no one would save her.

if you have any recommendations or feedback let me know
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