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Author Topic:  Fallout discussion topic  (Read 24732 times)

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Re: Fallout discussion topic
« Reply #160 on: September 12, 2020, 02:28:08 AM »
Been playing this on ps4. My long term goal is to plat this game. My current goal is to explore the whole map. At the moment I am about 3/4 of the way done the map. My current hold up is building settlements. The deeper ones (east and south) I am building in such a way that each has food (as needed), bartender for happiness, supply chain, and 3x guards. Each guard has full heavy combat armor and plasma rifles. The guards are whats holding me up. Plasma rifles are easy to get, its the dang armor. Its not hard for me to get the armor, and caps are a joke, it is stuff like having 10+ of each part but missing say right legs........its a mess. Just takes a while.

Honestly I am not even playing on survival (and will NEVER on ps4, damn game crashes to much) but was under the impression that attacks become nightmares for the further out far that has not been the case at all. The turrets (so many turrets) seem to handle every thing just now it is kinda a OCD thing that I still make the 3 guards.

After I am done getting all the settlements set up I am gonna finish the main quest and then make a hard save. From there I am gona go for all 4 faction paths and get my plat. ^_^

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