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Author Topic:  True  (Read 324 times)

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« on: October 24, 2013, 03:03:09 PM »
The story I am about to tell you is one hundred percent true. Or was is false. I can never remember the difference. This story is one that I am telling you right now. One that is and will be one full of suspense, shock, horror and have full of romance. No, no, no. I liked the true opening more. Yes, that's this story is True.

It started when I was a young boy. That's how stories start right? This is my first memory and one that I kept with me for the rest of my life. I was young, very young so young that I had only just started walking and my first word, what was it? "Dark" yes that was it. Dark was my first word.  I remember the pale moonlight hitting my face as I tried to sleep. It was so bright, so intense that I could barely open my eyes. I had to escape it, and I did. I climbed out of my bed and crawled out of the room as the light intensified. I was scared, so very scared and I didn't know why. I tried to go straight to my Mom and Dad in room opposite. I crawled faster and faster towards their room but the light caught up to me. It engulfed me in its glow. Soon enough it engulfed everything around me. My Mom, my Dad my vision. I woke up in a pitch black room. After almost being blinded by the moonlight, seeing dark once again was comforting. In front of me was a man fully clad in medieval armour. He simply said "Ha, so it is you after all. Here kid take this you're going to need it." He handed me a small glass ball and disappeared. Inside it I could on see one thing, the moon.

The blinding light came once again. It ripped through the darkness that had kept me calm with ease and then the blinding light made contact with me once again. I woke up for the third time but now I was in the kitchen of my own home and in my hand clasped tight was the glass ball that the knight had gave me. I tried to question what had happened but just then I heard a noise. Footsteps! Shuffling around in the corners of the room. My eyes had still not adjusted to the light and I tried desperately to make out what they were? "Mom? Dad?" I asked. No reply. I felt alone and scared I wanted them to be here but they weren't, I need help.   

They figures started to walk closer revealing more and more of themselves with each step. I knew that they had noticed me by now and I new that there was nothing I could do. I could have tried running but what good would that have done? I was barely able to walk. So I just sat there, watching them get closer and closer. Being very careful as to where to place each step. In a matter of seconds they were in front of me. One of them bent down and put his hand out aiming straight for the orb while again being very careful with each movement. As he was about to touch it I saw it's face. It was my mother. Her eyes gouged out by what I assume today to be the moon but that makes me crazy, right?

I began to feel woozy seeing my mothers face like that and fell backward on the floor and in the process hitting my head. The glass ball fell out of my hand and into whatever was left of my Mom. I looked up to see my Dad standing over me. What ever had done this to my mother had done the same to him. It must have been him who had caused me to fall over and it was the floor that caused this blood to seep out of my head. My two former parents both shuffled in front of me to closely examine the ball. As I faded out of consciousness I remember thinking "This blood is me? I am leaving myself and soon I'll be nothing but a puddle." Then the darkness consumed me and I was nothing but a dying child on the floor, sleeping through his last moments.
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Re: True
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2013, 06:43:23 PM »
nice story :D