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My apologies for the wordy title, but I wanted to introduce you guys to the story I am currently working on. I posted it back on the old forum, but hadn't kept it up to date. So, once or twice a week, I will be adding chapters back to the story. This thread's purpose will be to post comments in, so the story can be filtered from other users. That way it is in a more compact and happy package. So, enough about all the formalities; let's get you some information on the story!

A stay in the Overlook Hotel was a delight for the TohoKingdom Gang. Cesar, Airako, and Hayes pack up there things and return to the place they call home: TK Ville. Upon returning, they discover the city in total chaos. The supervillain Tom Servo has risen from the grave and has recruited an army of unmatchable power. To make matters worse, the Demonic Regime, headed by the queen Yukari, is pushing to take over the city too. They hold one side of the river, and Servo holds the other. A resistance group embedded in the underground of TK must fight their way out of the conundrum they are stuck in and cleanse the city once and for all of the psychotic tyrant and his diabolical Virus scheme.

CHARACTERS (Major ones, at least):
TohoKingdom Gang:
- Cesar: (Superpower: Electrical Manipulation) After a few misadventures, you could say Cesar is used to the shenanigans that come with fighting crime at its worst. With electrical powers endowed on him by Yukari herself, Cesar has just one more tool on top of his wit and intellect to help him in his fight.
- Airako: (Superpower: Wolverine/Super-strength) When Cesar first arrived in TK Ville, Airako's outspoken and tactless mannerisms made him an unlikely friend, but his reliability in battle and his sense of humor always manage to keep everyone's spirits up.
- Commissioner Hayes: (Superpower: Doves) If cliche had a name and a face, it would be Hayes A Jones. This arrogant yet dashing cop smokes more cigarettes than Cuba can produce, and his voracious appetite for food only makes his donut cravings more ridiculous. His superpower, given to him by a freak cooking accident, is the best thing that ever happened since man invented the kitchen, according to Hayes.

Tom Servo's Squad
- Tom Servo [Not from MST3K]: (Superpower: ???) Mike's most accomplished clone picks up right where his master left off. After an unsuccessful plot to kill Cesar and his friends, Servo was left to the worms. His resurrection, thanks to Crane and Meira, has also reanimated his hatred towards all that is good, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal: to kill Cesar.
- Crane: (Superpower:None) Quoting Hannibal Lecter as his hero, Crane is a psycho off his rocker. He wears a metal mask and carries around a heavy-hitting shotgun, which he has unnaturally good precision with.
- Zhost: (Superpower: Energy Manipulation) Zhost is evil in its simplest form. A loyal henchman to Tom Servo, he is a part of almost all the major operations run by his leader and his powers make him incredibly versatile and dangerous.
- Meira: (Superpower: Witchcraft) Meira is a master of witchcraft, but has yet to harness its use in combat. So, instead, she wields a trusty sword at all times. She can out-slice and out-dice anyone who dares face her head-on.
- Bryan: (Superpower: Ultra-Strength) Like Tom Servo, Bryan is a clone superior to the original, who in this case was the late RC. Bryan is brutal and wild, enjoying his own allies getting trampled upon. Unfortunately, Bryan is dreadfully terrified of spiders.
- Mungo: (Superpower: Mini Shocks) Stupid is to Mungo as wealth is to Bill Gates. Mungo lacks any skill and is the punching bag of the entire group. He has his own special rank in Servo's army: Captain Dunce.
- Mac & Pamela: Two henchmen who have names. They're almost important, but not enough to deserve any backstory.

Yukari's Army:
- Yukari: (Superpowers: Fire, teleportation, can grant superpowers to others as well as take them away, and levitation) The lazy leader of Fiore's Demonic Regime; she rarely puts herself in harms way, but lashes out in virulent outrage when someone fails to do what she wants. Her connection to Cesar is tested as he begins to discover the true potential of his abilities.
- Ran: (Superpowers: Has a familiar, Chen; can control fire, and teleportation) Ran has lost two of her nine tails to Yukari, but still faithfully serves her. Ran performs tasks with perfect precision and does everything she can to keep Yukari from taking another one of beautiful tails.
- Kalamity: (Superpowers: Immortality, energy manipulation, and teleportation) The strongest asset Yukari has isn't even a part of the original Regime, not of any known realm. Kalamity is a soulless fiend that has existed since the dawn of time and intervenes in mortal affairs for reasons unknown. Kalamity is untrustworthy and quick to leave Yukari should her plans cave in.
- Klaus Jr.: (Superpower: Perfect aim) His father's death awoke a demon inside human Klaus Jr. that Yukari found to be extremely useful for her plans. She recruited Klaus and gave him the power of perfect accuracy with his sniper rifle. He has taken the name Deadeye and made it infamous in TK Ville.

Superhero Super Squad:
- Kioshi: (Superpower: Element Bender) Gentle and light at heart, Kioshi is the perfect leader for the Triple S. He is merciful, especially towards animals. He looks to Cesar as an inspiration for his plight.
- Ivan: (Superpower: Adept swimmer, strength) Ivan was born as a freak accident. His body was ravaged with crocodile skin and he had webbed hands and feet. His large size and intimidating looks make him a valuable asset in the Triple S.
- Tyler: (Superpower: Expert swordsman, strength) A being from another dimension, Tyler is actually a 65-year old in a teenager's body. He has the wisdom of a samurai, the eccentric wit of humor long since gone, and the fighting skills of a legendary warrior.
- GTU: (Superpower: Can pull things out of his forehead) Laziness, thou has met your cousin! GTU is a lazy bum with strange powers and an even stranger personality. He doubts there is any hope for saving TK Ville, but he tags along because it's all a game to him.
- Doc: (Superpower: None) This is the brains behind the whole organization. Doc is reclusive, quiet, but very witty. He knows that he isn't much of a very, and gladly admits it to anyone. Of course, that doesn't mean he's oblivious to the ways of fighting. He simply chooses to go about it in a different way.
- Sal:(Superpower: Talisman give him animal-like qualities) Silent and watchful, Sal usually spends his nights outside the base watching the stars. He doesn't enjoy the immaturity that some of the other members have, but he's never one to leave them in harm's way.

Rogues, Drifters, and Misc.:
- Antebellum [The Oracle]:
- Sky Wolf [2nd Commissioner]:
- Pestilence [Rogue]:
- Kikomia [Rogue]:
- Alex [Drifter]:

Descriptions coming soon.

And other stuff too.

Be patient.
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Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Prologue: Rebirth

TK Ville reached towards the crimson evening sky as the sun set on the horizon. The shining star was the guardian for the innocent, because when it disappeared, crime raised its ugly head. No one in the metropolis was safe from the evil that ran amuck. Many were petty thieves performing simple crimes such as robbery. But there was another class of criminals not of this world. After Fiore's return to Hell, defeated by Cesar and his friends, Yukari, a close ally of Fiore, rose from her realm to wreak havoc. She brought with her a legion of demon warriors, armed to the fangs. This was seen almost universally by small-time thieves and crime syndicate leaders as an attack against their practices. Instead of teaming up with the demon army of Yukari, they fought back, despite insurmountable odds in Yukari's favor. As the tides of war worked against the earthlings, desperate measures were taken. Five members of a crumbling syndicate abducted Tom Servo's body from the TK Prison, killing anyone that stood in their way. Sky Wolf, the chief of police in TK Ville, was not at the prison at the time (donut break, obviously). The fanatics took Tom Servo's body to an underground bunker and prepared for a ritual to bring the villain back to life. This is where our story begins...

The bunker was no more than a small underground room. A single fluorescent light fixture lit the room in a dim white hue. Machinery of every sort stood against the walls like a silent audience. In the center of the room, there was a table. On top, Tom Servo lay. He was peacefully resting, his lips drawn in a soft smile. His hands were folded on his chest. Surrounding him were the five criminals that had recovered his body. One was abnormally short, standing only 4' 5". He held onto the sleeve of a much taller man, who roughly pushed the little one aside whenever he got too close for comfort. On the other side of the table, there was a man with an iron mask. He was the most dedicated to Tom Servo and never took his milky white eyes off of him for a moment. Next to the Hannibal Lecter lookalike was RC, or someone that appeared exactly like him. He had a bulky figure, his body practically all muscle. At the head of the table, with two hands on Tom Servo's head, was a woman with wavy purple hair. She wore a loose-fitting white shirt with a red jacket over it and blue jeans. Her red eyes were fixated on Tom Servo as she muttered a spell under her breath.

The man in the iron mask, Crane, checked a machine that showed the vital signs of Tom Servo. "It's still flatlined, Meira."

The woman looked up, glaring at Crane. "I haven't finished yet."

"Why are you so fidgety?" 'RC' asked Crane.

"Because the demons and the police know what we've done. They could be here any minute, Bryan."

Across the table, the taller of the two men, Zhost, chuckled. "Why are you worried? There's only one way in. I can hold them off for a while. Now if Mungo tried to hold the door..."

Everyone laughed except the dwarf next to Zhost. His eyes watered and he let go of his friend's arm. "Why are you always so mean to me?"

"Shut up, Mungo. I want to finish, if you don't mind," Meira Kagoya demanded.

Mungo folded his arms and gave a frustrated "Humph". Meira closed her eyes and resumed the spell. A white aura surrounded Tom Servo's body. It illuminated his skin in a glorious white light. Crane spun around and saw that a steady heartbeat had returned to his idol. Bryan watched with one eyebrow perked up as Tom Servo's body levitated an inch above the table. Meira's chant became louder. A choir of screams filled the room as a tornado of energy enveloped all the spectators. In the whirlwind, hundreds of souls flew. They were all waiting to get inside their old bodies. For some, whose bodies had deteriorated hundreds of years ago, that time would never come. One white specter flew out of the whirlwind and hung over Tom Servo's body for a moment. Meira held out her hands and recited the spell in a scream. The wind blew harder, nearly picking up Mungo, who had to hold onto Zhost to stay put.

The ghost flew into Tom Servo's chest. The aura faded. The tornado died away along with the screaming souls. Meira bent over and panted. Crane rechecked the vital machine again. "All readings are good, Meira."

There was a relieved sigh through the room. Zhost put a hand on Meira's shoulder and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. "Good job." Meira looked away and blushed.

Tom Servo moaned and weakly opened his eyes. He shielded them with his arm and cried, "Where am I?"

"That's not important, Tom," Crane answered curtly.

"Who are you?" Tom asked.

"I am Crane. I'm the one who headed this plan," announced Crane, puffing out his chest.

Tom Servo uncovered his eyes. He stared at Crane's iron mask for a moment, and then noticed Bryan. "RC? You were brought back too?"

"No," Bryan replied in an annoyed tone. "I'm a clone of RC. He made me."

"He never told me that, and I can see why," Servo shuddered and turned to everyone else. "Care to introduce yourselves?"

"I'm Zhost, and this is my girlfriend, Meira. And the little munchkin to my left is Mungo."

Tom Servo rubbed his chin, a twisted grin forming on his face. "The kid reminds me a lot of Dragoon, except not pimpin'. What a downer..."

"I'm not a kid, you!" Mundo growled, curling his little fists into pebbles. "I have a driver's license!"

A series of "Oohs" and laughs echoed in the bunker. "Watch out everybody! We got a badass over here!" Zhost exclaimed. 

"I'm gonna kill all of you in your sleep," Mungo mumbled.

Tom slipped off the table and stood up straight. Then, in a very grim voice, asked, "Where is Cesar LaRoux?"

"He's out of town," Zhost answered.

"I want you to find him and kill him," Servo commanded to his new henchman. "Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Take whoever you want except Crane. I need somebody to help calibrate me with my new surroundings."

Meira, Zhost, and Mungo left the room, leaving Servo and Crane behind. Their new leader turned his head to the side and sighed. "Death has a funny way of rearranging one's priorities, Crane. Once I wanted to destroy everyone and everything. But after dying, there's nothing more that I want to do than to kill the person that foiled all my plans. And this time, Cesar won't win."
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Woe, nice post! Took a while to read though

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Thank you. Where I come from, that post size in a story would be considered normal to medium length. Trust me, I've spent a full hour reading one before. It sucked. Mine usually hang out between this and a half-hour max. I try not to bore the reader (or myself), so my apologies in advance for the length of the following chapters

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Warning: The following chapter is foul at times, so please, read at your own risk.

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Prologue: Turkey, and a Long Journey

"Rise and shine," a flamboyant teen cried into a hotel room at the Overlook. He had a mat of black hair and was more hyper than usual (not to say he was ever calm).

A man with a Captain Gordon mustache and a cop hat groaned and stretched. "Go away, Airako. None of us want to get up yet."

Airako leaned on the side of the doorframe and sighed, his body silhouetted against the light of the white hallway. "It's May 1st, though!" He pressed his back against the wall and imitated a radio broadcaster as he spoke. "Good morning, Overlook Hotel. It's Wednesday the first, and my what a beautiful day it is in Colorado. Simply amazing. The wind is blowing north-northeast at a steady five miles per hour with an occasional gust around ten. The sun certainly won't be shy today either. There isn't a cloud in the sky! It's a wonder of a day to drive fifteen hours back to TK Ville!"

Hayes smashed a pillow against his face and rolled around groggily in bed. After a brief time, he gave a pitiful moan and sat up. "Annoy me one more time, and you can walk back to TK Ville."

Airako raised his hands. "I'd never do anything to annoy you, Hayes."

The cop pulled out a cigar and lit it.  He eyed his teenage friend, seeing through his sarcastic remarks. "Right, whatever." Hayes shoved the whole cigar in his mouth. Then, he took a donut out of the nightstand drawer. It was glazed and somehow warm. With the cigar still in his mouth, he took a monstrous bite out of the sugary treat. "I love the taste of Cuban cigars and donuts in the morning. Tastes like...victory."

"Apocalypse Now reference!" Airako wailed.

Hayes leaped to his feet and bellowed, "That's it! You crossed the line with that shout-out!"

Airako was out of the room faster than the Roadrunner. He slammed the door shut and sighed. "I thought it was too subtle, personally."

Shortly after, he woke up the others staying at the hotel, which included Zeno, Alex, and Cesar. Since Delbert Gratey had been defeated, the hotel had returned to a very tranquil state. No supernatural occurrences had happened since, giving Cesar and his friends a chance to appreciate the beauty of the historic Colorado hotel. They met in the Gold Room for a final meal all together. However, since Jake had gone overboard a few months prior, it was up to Hayes to cook all the meals. A turkey was in the oven, and he was furiously cooking up a side of bacon and eggs.

"Nobody ever wants to help Hayes," the officer thought aloud. "'You're the best cook,' they said. 'None of us can make anything,' they said." He flipped an egg into the air and caught it in the skillet.

The kitchen door flung open and Alex poked his round head in. "Need any help in here?"

Hayes' face reddened and he spun around. "Get out of here!"

The hotel manager was thrown back against an array of pots and pans by the sound waves. He dashed out and said nothing. Hayes shook his head and sighed, "That's exactly what I'm talking about."

The timer on the oven whined. Hayes threw open the door, grabbed a glove, and pulled out the turkey. It looked good on the outside. A light brown moist outside secreted a delicious odor. Taking a knife, Hayes licked his chops and smiled. Cooking wasn't so bad after all. That was what Hayes was thinking up until he cut open the turkey. The meat was still hot pink and hardly cooked at all. Turns out, Hayes had set the timer at 3:50 rather than 35:00. A strange feeling consumed the hefty policeman. It was like somebody was jabbing every nerve of his body with needles. He fell the floor, his body twitching uncontrollably. His hands opened and closed, veins bulging as he tried to overcome the pain. Without warning, a dove shot out of his sleeve. The feeling disappeared and Hayes' body slackened. As Hayes sat up, the white bird landed on his shoulder. It McRibed its head to the side and cooed.

"What are you doing here?" Hayes asked as he gently stroked the top of its head with a finger. Then, he recalled how the bird got there. An impersonation of Spiderman's web blast later, another bird had made Hayes' shoulder its perch. The policeman was speechless. He had acquired the superpower no comic book hero had ever come close to obtaining. Now, Hayes Antonio Jones had the power to shoot doves out of his arms!

Out in the Gold Room, the rest of the group had sat down at a table for the last time together. It was bittersweet for Airako and Cesar. On one hand, they could return home and to their friends. However, they had made new friends in Zeno and Alex. The open season for the Overlook Hotel was starting tomorrow, so neither could go back to TK Ville with Cesar and Airako. They conversed genially as their breakfast was prepared.

After a short period of time, Hayes came out of the kitchen holding a few boxes of cereal under his arm. He opened up one and poured into Airako's bowl. "Here's some Chex Mix."

Airako took a disdainful glance down at the dry cereal, and then said to Hayes, "I want Captain Crunch."

A dove rocketed out of Hayes' left sleeve and straight into Airako's face. It flapped madly, scaring the poor teenager into a frenzy. He batted it away. The white bird circled around the table, making the others fidget around in their chairs. Finally, the animal settled on Hayes' shoulder. From the second cereal box, the policeman pulled out a piece of crispy Captain Crunch. He fed it to the dove and smiled. "Anyone else want Captain Crunch?" he asked with a crooked grin.

Zeno started to raise his hand, but Alex restrained him gently and shook his head.

Hayes chuckled. "More for me then!"

* * *

Cesar shoved his suitcase into the back of his Mustang and slammed the trunk shut. He turned to Alex, who was standing behind him with his hands in his pockets. Airako and Hayes were already in the car, playing a game of rock, paper, scissors for the last bag of Sour Patch Kids. Cesar sighed and said, "It's been great being here, Alex. Even if we were all nearly killed."

"Life's no fun unless you live on the edge a little bit!" Alex replied. His grin masked a sadness in him. He was going to miss the company of his new friends. "You and Hayes were great. Airako on the other hand..."

"Somebody has to put up with him!" Cesar exclaimed.

In the car, Airako's ears perked up. "Hey, Cesar."


"Which one of us can destroy anything he puts his giant claws around when he's angry?"

Cesar didn't answer.

"I thought so."

The fedora lowered on Cesar's head. He said to Alex, "We should probably get going. Places to go, people to see."

"Okay. Zeno and I have a little bit of work to do around here, but nothing two guys can't handle. Ain't that right, Zeno?"

The blue-skinned alien, who was patching up a hole in the roof, looked down. "You nailed it!" He gave a thumbs-up, but in the process dropped his hammer. The tool fell through a hole in the shingles and hit a support, bringing the whole West Wing tumbling down. A cloud of dust and debris rose from the mess. A hand busted through a pile of wood and gave a reassuring thumbs-up.

Alex grimaced. Then, he smiled and said, "Nothing a little duct tape can't handle!"

Cesar shut the door of his Mustang and started it. The green car growled. He put it into drive and sped down the road, leaving Alex in the dust holding several roles of duct tape in his hands.

Hayes petted a dove he had created. Then he asked Cesar, "What shall our conversation for this drive be?"

"Chicks!" Airako cried in the back seat. He was so excited that he shook. The open bag of candy in his hands was flung out the open window. The teen's eyes widened, swelling with tears.

"Yeah, I think we should talk about girl's too," Hayes added. "It's good male bonding time."

"We've had six months of bonding time. Let's leave the whole girl thing alone for now," Cesar said.

"Why? Is Cesar still a virgin?" Hayes asked, his lips forming into a devilish grin.

"I haven't kissed a girl. So what?"

Airako's and Hayes' jaw dropped. "You've never kissed a girl before?" It was too unbelievable to be true. Not only did he not kiss a girl before, but he didn't know what a virgin was!

"I just said I haven't."

"Have you had any sexual activity? Ever?" Hayes questioned.

"No! Get off my ass, would you!?"

"That's what she said!" Airako shouted.

"Cesar LaRoux! How have you never been with a girl?" Hayes whined.

"It's not important right now. I need to focus on school and work. A girl will get in the way."

"So that job that has never been mentioned in any of the TKFA's and school is holding you back from getting some action?"


"You are a sad, sad little man, Cesar. We need to get you some women, ain't that right, Airy?"

Airako nodded.

"Please, shut up," Cesar moaned.

"You want a girlfriend," Hayes said in an imitation of a hypnotist. He slowly raised his left arm.



A dove flew from Hayes' sleeve and flapped maniacally around Cesar. The driver wailed like a baby and swerved left and right as he tried to swat the bird. "Get it out! Get it out!"

"That's what she said!" Airako squealed.

"I'm sorry!" Hayes pleaded at the top of his lungs.

Cesar managed to open the car window. The dove flew out and wasn't seen again. The flustered teenager fixed his aviators and shook his head. "If you ever do that dove-trick again while I am driving this car, I will rip your arms off and beat you senseless with them. Are we clear?"

"Clear as crystal," Hayes answered, not daring to make eye contact with Cesar.

The sun set behind the Californian mountains. The day had gone by in a silent fashion, and the night was following suit. Cesar was still rambling about how Hayes had nearly killed them all. The police officer had held his left sleeve tight so a dove wouldn't fly out. That was the last thing he wanted while Cesar was in a bad mood. Airako had been taking naps periodically. He would sing along with a song when it came on the radio, but usually stared at the mountain landscape with his crusty eyes. Once the sun had disappeared on the horizon, the headlights of Cesar's Mustang illuminated a sleek figure. It was a woman, dressed in a nightgown covered in cherry blossoms. Her red hair fell to her hips, and her skin was pale as the moon. Hayes risked his safety by putting his hand on Cesar's shoulder. "Stop the car."

"What? Why, this doesn't look good."

"We want to get you exposed to the world of sex. Try out a prostitute on the side of the road."

"This is ridiculous," Cesar muttered as he pulled into the emergency lane and put the car into park. He stepped out of the car.

The woman turned around, the curls in her red hair bouncing with her movement. Cesar waved and walked down the lane to her. "Hey, how are ya?"

She took him by the shirt collar and pulled Cesar into the bushes.

"Looks like our friend is gonna show off his Little Caesar!" Airako screamed.

"Ka-chow!" Hayes said as he made a pelvic thrust motion.

Airako stopped laughing and in a serious tone, said, "Do you think he knows about..."

"Spit it out, Airako."

"STD's! Do you think he knows about STD's!?"

"Dear God!" Hayes exclaimed. He almost jumped out of the car, but restrained himself. "He'll have to find out the hard way. I want to listen to this Eric Clapton song." He blared the radio and started to sing out of key.

"That's a really pretty dress you have on," Cesar said. Her stolid reaction made him scratch the back of his head and look at his feet. "Sorry, I don't mean to be--"

"Look at me," the woman commanded, her red eyes peering deep into Cesar.

Like her dress, the stranger's eyes were blood red. They peered deep into Cesar, reading his mind like a book. Without lowering her eyes, she said, "If you want to survive in TK Ville, you'll need what I'm going to give you." She dropped to her knees and fingers wrapped around his belt.

Cesar only whimpered, spitting Hayes' name in his head repeatedly.

The wind picked up. She leaned back, tugging on Cesar as she spoke in tongues. Her blood red eyes glowed. Cesar felt an electrical surge run up his body. It was an incredible sensation, and it reverberated through his being. He closed his eyes. The tingling marched up his spine and into the back of his head. Suddenly, there was a clap of thunder. The feeling dissipated.

"What did you do to me?" Cesar asked as he shook off his goosebumps.

"I gave you electric powers," she replied in a dull tone as she stood up. "You won't last a second against rapists, muggers, goons, crime syndicates, and rapists."

"You said rapists twice," noted Cesar.

"There's a lot of them," the woman said.

The next question on Cesar's mind was spoken. "Who are you?"

"My name is Yukari. Persephone--or Fiore as you mortals always call her--said you may be a valuable acquaintance."

"Fiore? That means you're from--"

"Hell. Yes." A small smile formed on Yukari's face.

"Why do you need someone like me?" Cesar boldly asked.

"You are one of the few people who knows the truth about the last threat against my rule over TK Ville." She lifted her arms into the sky and cackled.


"Stop asking so many questions and listen to me!" Yukari snapped, her voice echoing through the valley.

Cesar cowered away, but regained his composure. "Sorry."

Yukari brushed a stray hair to the side and continued, "Tom Servo has developed a huge cult. It's no ordinary group though. They can kill my demons because of their superpowers they obtained through radiation overexposure.  I don't have the power to resurrect my army again, so it's a serious threat against my conquest. You need to direct whoever you can to kill Servo and his goons. All of them. If you go against me, provoke any of my army, or help Servo, I will strip you of your power and you will learn the true meaning of Hell. Do you understand?"

"What's in it for me?" Cesar asked, his mind still racing to catch up with what Yukari had told him.

Yukari snickered. "You're smarter than I thought you'd be. I will spare you and your friends once the invasion is complete. Deal?" She held out her left hand.

Cesar barely hesitated. He knew his head was on the chopping block. With Tom Servo on the rise and Fiore sending him blackmail, his choices fit on one finger. "Deal." He shook Yukari's left hand with his.

Yukari smirked and took a step back. "It's been nice doing business with you." She pulled open her dress, revealing her bare chest. "Now I want to show you something..."

* * *

Hayes tapped his fingers impatiently on the dashboard of the Mustang. "It's been fifteen minutes, Airako. How can anybody go that long their first time?"

"Maybe you should check it out," Airako suggested.

"You're right--no wait! Here he comes!"

Cesar crossed the lane and swung open his door, quickly shutting it and starting the car. His aviators were crooked and his hat was at his feet. His brown hair was messed up and sweat dripped from his forehead.

"I hope you dumped the body in a ditch after you were finished," Hayes muttered.

"What'd you say?" Cesar inquired softly. He pulled back onto the highway.

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Spoiler for Hidden Content:
The Super Superhero Squad [S.S.S.]

Silvermoon bowed over a makeshift altar, his bony hands bent in a false prayer. The cathedral had become Silvermoon's base of operations. His followers, twenty in number, were clad in black robes. Upside-down crosses hung from their necklaces. Silvermoon had chrome plating on his shoulders, chest, and hands. He wore a veil that covered his nose and mouth. He had a Japanese marking carved into his armor. It mirrored the one on the altar.

"Yukari, oh strong and beautiful," the priest began, "protect us from those who try to persecute us. We humbly kneel before you now and only ask a small favor of you." He paused momentarily, letting the church absorb the depth of his words. "Send a small force of your demons. I fear our operations are in jeopardy. We need more power, or everything we have worked for will be for nothing."

There was a choir of whispers. It wasn't from any of the guards. Instead, the source was within the ground, rising like steam from hot rocks. Silvermoon stood up and turned to his followers. "Our queen has answered our prayers!" Suddenly, the barricaded doors of the cathedral were kicked open. Everyone inside spun around. Silvermoon cried out in frustration. "Not again!"

In the doorway, an armored warrior stood. He was over seven feet tall. The black armor was scorched, dented, and dull, yet resilient. A blue aura surrounded his being. He was posed like a ninja, despite his half-ton suit. "Silvermoon!" he bellowed in a triumphant declaration. "Your days of crime are over!"

The priest pulled out a magnum from his robe and pointed it at the warrior. "Triple S only sending one agent to try and stop me? I'm insulted!"

"Don't be so disappointed!" another voice called. It was one of the followers. He pulled down his hood, revealing a head of jet black hair.

"So we meet again, Kioshi," Silvermoon said as he holstered his gun and clapped his hands. "I believe the odds are still in my favor though."

Kioshi turned to the armored giant in the doorway and nodded. Then, to Silvermoon, he said, "I always say quality over quantity!"

The villain huffed and waved his hand, signaling to his men to attack. They pounced on Kioshi instantly, despite several strong punches. He was pinned to the ground in a matter of seconds. The rest of the men discovered that the titan in the doorway had vanished. As abruptly as it had started, the battle was over.

Silvermoon laughed. "Where is your strength now?" He pulled out a veil of drugs and poured them into his hand. As he concentrated it in the center of his palm, he added, "Darth Calypso is selling anybody these drugs today. If I recall, he used to fight alongside you and your little sideshow."

"Never seen the guy," Kioshi replied. "He was before my time."

"That's too bad. He's an accomplice of mine now. Sells me a nasty brew." Silvermoon grabbed Kioshi by his hair. The guards restrained him, watching with fascination as their leader prepared to torture their prisoner. "I call it Cosmic Poison. Once it settles into the skin, the victim will begin to experience an incredible itching sensation. The toxicity of this powder is enough to melt your skin right off. I'll let you tell me just what it feels like to year yourself apart."

Silvermoon started to tip his hand. Kioshi winced and yelled at the top of his lungs, "Now, Tyler!"

The ceiling of the cathedral shattered. Debris fell, smashing several of Silvermoon's men in the process. The priest was hit by a smaller piece of cement, which knocked the Cosmic Poison onto a guard holding Kioshi down. He shrieked. The acid ate away quickly at his skin. Before he could feel it sink in, the giant knight jumped from the roof onto him. His body splattered across the floor. Kioshi, now free, summoned a fireball. It charged in his hands slowly. Tyler Tamaki headbutt a guard into a pillar. Spinning around, he took two more and threw them out the stain-glass windows. Some carrying guns tried to shoot at Tyler, but Kioshi knocked them out with the fireball.

Silvermoon backed up the steps and tripped over himself. "No, no," he murmured. "This isn't right at all!"

Tyler knocked out another guard. He used his unconscious body as bowling ball, flattening a half dozen others in the process. Kioshi dodged a kick and tripped the attacker. He was put to sleep with a single quick jab to the face. The remaining guards ran for their lives. Silvermoon, however, was trapped at the altar. He saw Tyler and Kioshi turn their attention to him. He whimpered.

"Yukari promised this wouldn't happen!" he shouted. The priest pointed his magnum at Kioshi and screamed. The superhero braced himself. There was a shuffle, a wet snap, and a crumbling body. When Kioshi opened his eyes, he saw Silvermoon on the floor, his nose broken. Another large figure, similar to Tyler, was standing over the unconscious villain. He had his arms crossed and one foot on the writhing priest. He was shorter than Tyler, but just as muscular. The skin that was exposed by his thick gray armor was covered in scales. Two slit eyes stared brightly at Kioshi.

"I've never been more happy to see you, Ivan," Kioshi said.

"I like to make a good entrance," he replied. The giant took his foot off Silvermoon. The priest got up on his hands and knees. He tried to scamper towards his magnum, but Ivan kicked it away. "Easy now, Ryan," Ivan warned the villain.

Kioshi walked up the altar stairs and grabbed Silvermoon by his robe. He took a good hard look at the criminal, his face softening only slightly when he realized a familiar face."Ryan Newmann. Thirty-seven years old. You work for the TK Post. Phenomenal articles, I must say. My question is why are and your little cult butt buddies trying to side with the demon armies in this war?"

Ryan laughed and threw off his veil, revealing his bloodied face. "You think this is a war? It's a slaughter."

"That hag will throw you to the dogs at the first opportunity. You think she cares about someone like you? Huh?" Kioshi lifted Ryan up so they were face to face. "Do you think that snowcone gives two avacados about you?"

"Don't talk about my queen that way!" the feeble man cried. Kioshi threw Ryan to the floor and swiftly kicked him in the face. He rolled onto his stomach and didn't move again.

Ivan whistled. "Maybe we should've only sent one guy."

"He would've been insulted," Tyler said.

Tyler started to lift Ryan, but Kioshi motioned to put him down. "Let the police take care of him."

* * *

The Triple S. The last beacon of good hope in TK Ville. While the police fumbled around with parking tickets, the Super Superhero Squad would deliver justice. They fought by night, as masked vigilantes with different aliases. By day, each member lived a normal life. They never spoke of their work in public. It was too much of a risk. Kioshi was their leader, though not officially. His personality crowned him king of the Triple S. He knew how to organize a plan, and had scores of back-ups if something failed (which rarely occurred). Ivan and Tyler provided the bite for Kioshi's bark. They sparred every night before dinner was prepared. Tyler's origins lie in a different dimension. He was trained in the ways of the samurai. Thus, he was respected by his comrades and enemies alike. Outside of his suit, Tyler was a brainiac. He could beat anybody that challenged him to a game of chess. Ivan was a mutation. His father had handled nuclear weapons for the US government. A radiation spillage contaminated him. His offspring developed strange traits, such as two heads, tails, or in Ivan's case, adept swimming abilities and scales. His brother and sister were miscarriages, so he was an only child. Ivan is lax, even in the midst of a fight. A part of him fears that he may lose his sanity if he let the animal inside him take control. So, his life is a constant battle.

The Triple S base was located in an abandoned warehouse at the TK Harbor (yes, everything in TK Ville has TK before it...I know it's lame! Can you believe that mayor?! What nerve...). Several large crates outside served as the garage for their vehicles and heavy weapons. When the three superheroes arrived, a Triple S member was waiting. He had short black hair, wore a black muscle shirt and jeans, and had very defined facial features. In one closed hand, he held a totem of a bear. His name was Sal Gutierrez.

Ivan waved to Sal. "How's the night shift going?"

"Tougher than you think. Those leg cramps can really be a snowcone after sitting for a while."

Ivan chuckled. "We'll have to let Doc take a look at you."

"Don't let GTU put his hands anywhere near me though," Sal joked.

The Doc was the only member of Triple S that never left the headquarters. His duties revolved around maintenance of the heavy weaponry and the well-being of the others. A lanky body and a pair of prescription glasses defined Doc. He was trustworthy, hardworking, and caring. At the time the heroes returned from the city, he was busy tinkering with a giant monitor system. The display showed a map of TK Ville and police activity. The speakers rang with radio garble from their communications. He wiped the sweat off his brow and stood up to greet his friends. "Anything unusual happen?"
he asked, checking each person with his sharp blue eyes.

"You wouldn't happen to know Ryan Newmann by chance, Doc?" Kioshi returned.

"Yeah, we're butt bu--" Doc withdrew his sentence and quickly added, "We're acquaintances. Was he taken hostage?"


Tyler crossed his arms and continued for Kioshi. "Ryan was leading a cult. Turns out he was Silvermoon."

"Oh," the Doc said.

"They were trying to get Yukari to spare them when she overruns the city," Kioshi mentioned.

"If she overruns the city. There's still a war to be fought," urged Doc.

A short silence followed. Then, Ivan asked, "Where's Mr. Grumpy?"

"Sleeping. Lazy son of a snowcone. We should just kick him o--"

"Doc!" Kioshi urged. "GTU's just as important as anybody else on the team. I would rather him be on our side than be a rogue or worse."

Doc dropped his head. He opened his mouth for a quiet apology. "I'm sorry, Kioshi. I wasn't thinking."

"It's okay." Kioshi pulled a small plastic vile from his pant pocket.

Doc squinted and took it from Kioshi. "What is this?"

"Cosmic Poison. Silvermoon tried to kill me with it," Kioshi explained.

"Did you get me the name of the distributor?" Doc asker as he placed it in a small clear dish.

"It's Calypso," Tyler replied.

"I see." Doc turned on the monitor and typed in Calypso's name. "I have been working on a new device. It's like a GPS. If I type in a name of somebody we have a DNA sample of, then we can pinpoint their location in TK Ville."

"Is that how you creep on little girls?" Ivan teased, biting his lip to keep from laughing.

"Do you have a location for Calypso right now?" Kioshi asked.

"Yes," the display zoomed in on the North TK Harbor. Then it magnified a small warehouse. Doc stepped back and lifted his hand towards the machine. "Wala!" He pressed a button and the screen returned to a view of the whole city. "I doubt Calypso is aware that you are going to be paying him a visit, so his mercenaries won't be around to protect him."

"Is it okay if I stay back on this one?" Tyler asked. "This suit's been giving me the worst wedgie and I forgot to put deodorant on, so..."

"You can stay," Kioshi said. "I'll take Sal with me. Ivan, you can be the night guard for an hour or so, right?"

Ivan shrugged. "How hard could it be?"

"I heard my name, what's up?" Sal inquired as he walked into the base, hands in his pockets.

"You're coming with me to have a little talk with Calypso." Kioshi answered. "Get the Prius ready."

"Do you want me to get your purse too, ma'am?"

"Shut up!" Kioshi cried. "The Prius gets amazing fuel efficiency!"

Sal shook his head and pulled a talisman out of his pocket. It was a wood carving of an eagle. "I don't want to drive in a soccer mom's car, thank you."

Kioshi sighed. "Fine."

"Stay on guard," Doc warned. "It's never safe around here these days."

Sal hugged Kioshi in one of his bear-sized arms and took to the air, his eagle talisman giving him wings (Red Bull could do that too, but this ain't a product placement...wait...). Ivan stood by the Doc. The two watched as Sal disappeared with Kioshi. "Why do I have a bad feeling about this, Doc?"

The mechanic shrugged and checked the computer. "Seems I'm not the only one who feels that way."

Over TK Ville, Sal and Kioshi soared. The latter wasn't acrophobic, but gliding over skyschugrs knowing Sal was all that was between him and death made his stomach churn. He tried to wipe his sweaty hands on Sal, but it didn't help much. Kioshi asked over the howling wind, "Are we almost there?"

"You're not afraid to dive are you?"

Kioshi misheard Sal. "I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!"

"Going down!"

Sal sped towards the harbor, a flailing Kioshi in his arms. The poor teenager was shaken to his core by the time Sal gently landed next to a small boathouse. The black-haired man pocketed his eagle talisman and stared at his friend, who had curled into a fetal position and was sucking his thumb.

Sal stepped towards the door of the boathouse. A single dim light hanging over the rotting door illuminated the area. There was a smell of sulfur that lingered. "Kioshi," Sal whispered.

"I'm okay!" Kioshi cried, quickly getting to his feet and wiping the terrified expression from his face.

"Open the door," commanded Sal.

Kioshi grabbed the rusted knob and pulled. The door creaked as it opened. An exhale of cocaine and sulfur escaped. Kioshi puckered his lips. Something smelled fishy.

At the far end of the room, there was a desk. A desklamp revealed Calypso's inert body. He was slumped over, his sunglasses neatly placed to the side. A small trail of blood from his wrist led to a needle. Sal nudged Kioshi. "Probably another OD."

"Figures," Kioshi sighed. "Doctor Kaiju will have to revive him. Then, we can talk."

Sal checked the needle. There was still some of the drug left. It seemed unusual for Calypso not to finish a dosage before passing out. He squirted it into his hand and sniffed it gently so it wouldn't go into his nose. Sal pulled back from his hand. He dried it on his jeans and said, "Cyanide."

Kioshi was stunned. "That means..."

"Suicide. Wait," Sal noticed a piece of paper on the desk. He read it:

If you're reading this, you've figured out that Calypso is dead. I gave him a choice though. Join me or die. He didn't want to. 'There's too much profit in being neutral,' he said. I thought he was smart. Didn't he know there isn't a neutral side? You're either with or against. Selling drugs to Silvermoon was the last straw. I injected him with cyanide. Not a lot. Just enough to kill him. I can't tell you how much pain he appeared to be in. Must've been a nasty way to go. You die the way you live...that's what I always say. Now with Calypso gone, there isn't a middleman in the drug trade. I can control it all. Of course, I need to get rid of any trace of evidence. Any and all.

See you on the other side,


"What does he mean?" Kioshi questioned.

Sal didn't answer. He was busy fumbling in his pocket for a talisman. "C'mon. C'mon!" He grabbed the head of an armadillo and hugged Kioshi in his arms. They fell to the floor. Suddenly, the sulfur ignited. Fire consumed the entire room. The windows shattered. The roof caved in. Calypso's body fell into the water as the boathouse fell apart. Kioshi and Sal followed as the floor broke beneath them.

From outside, a man in a black cape and a man with an iron mask watched. "And with that, all the evidence has been disposed of," the caped man said with a jagged grin. They departed silently like the still night.
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Given the extremely positive feedback (or the lack of bad feedback), I am going to be pulling the plug on posting this story, but I will continue if anyone is interested.