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Author Topic:  Outlast and Whistleblower  (Read 1893 times)

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Re: Outlast and Whistleblower
« Reply #10 on: August 27, 2014, 05:55:02 AM »
Whistleblower is amazing I wouldnt really care if its on sale or not but thats me but I would love to see your reaction to whistleblower ^_^

When it's on sale, I'll let you know my reaction. ;)


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Re: Outlast and Whistleblower
« Reply #11 on: January 11, 2016, 09:49:57 PM »
ik this hasnt been posted in more than a year,but outhast 2 is coming out soon.i havent played it myself but ive seen 2 playthroughs....most of it or footage ive seen was by markiplier,and it was an amazing playthrough

outlast takes place in a remote psychiatric hospital situated deep in the mountains of Lake County, are a reporter named Miles Upshur.Miles Upshur, a freelance investigative reporter, is investigating the Mount Massive Asylum, based on a tip from an anonymous informant, who tells him that unethical experiments are being conducted at the asylum by the Murkoff Corporation. Upshur reaches Mount Massive Asylum but is forced to enter the facility through an open window. He is shocked to see blood, and a dying SWAT officer who tells him that the "Variants" killed them and warns Upshur to get out while he still can.
As Upshur explores the asylum's second floor, he is surprised by a hulking sadist inmate named Chris Walker, who grabs him and throws him into the atrium. Upshur is knocked unconscious by the fall. He is briefly roused by 'Father' Martin Archimbaud, an inmate and self-anointed priest who calls Upshur an "apostle" sent by "God", before falling unconscious again. When Upshur finally wakes up, he makes his way to the security room to open the front doors but Father Martin cuts the power from the basement. Chris Walker is aware that Upshur is in the security room and tries to find him.
Upshur manages to avoid Walker and restore power in an attempt to open the front doors, but Archimbaud ambushes him and injects him with anesthetic. When he wakes up, Upshur finds himself trapped in the Prison Block, which is filled with deranged and catatonic inmates. He manages to escape the block and makes his way through the sewers, reaching the Male Ward, while pursued by two Variants known as the Twins. Upshur is surprised by his savior, Richard "Rick" Trager, a Murkoff executive who has been afflicted by the same insanity as the asylum's inmates. Trager restrains Upshur and wheels him into an operating room, where he severs two of Upshur's fingers while rambling about a supernatural entity called the Walrider, which he claims is responsible for the asylum's current condition. After escaping and finding the key to the elevator, Upshur activates it and crushes Trager between two floors.
Upshur travels through the Female Ward and again sees Father Martin, who tells Upshur that to get to him he must use the upper floors. Upshur takes 3 fuses and uses them to activate the laundry chute. As he travels deeper in the female ward, Upshur jumps over a broken plank and struggles, causing his camcorder to fall 3 floors. Upshur retrieves his camera (now severely damaged) and returns from where it fell. During this period, Upshur begins to encounter a strange black cloud, which he realizes is the Walrider.
As he travels deeper into the asylum, he reaches an auditorium with a playing reel, where he learns that the Walrider was created by Dr. Rudolf Gustav Wernicke, a German scientist who was brought to America as part of Operation Paperclip. After going even deeper into the asylum, Upshur is told by a Neutral Variant that he can find Father Martin in the chapel. He goes to the chapel, once again evading the Twins, only to witness Martin's self-immolation. Before Martin burns himself, he gives Upshur the key to the elevator, which he has fixed. Upshur takes the waiting elevator, and descends through the floors. The elevator stops in the ground floor, which makes Upshur excited, but later descends again - this time going down to an underground lab, at the heart of Mount Massive.
As he goes deeper into the laboratory, Upshur is once again pursued and attacked by Chris Walker, but the Walrider kills Walker by dragging him into an air vent. Upshur escapes the Walrider, only to encounter an aged Wernicke, who tells him that the Walrider is not a supernatural being, but a technological entity made up of nanites, which are mentally controlled by Billy Hope, an inmate and subject of Murkoff's experiments, who thinks that Wernicke is his father. Wernicke tells Upshur to shut off Billy's life support, hoping that this will disable the Walrider. Upshur completes this task, but when he has done so, the Walrider attacks Upshur, apparently entering his body. As a wounded Upshur staggers toward the exit, he is surprised by paramilitary operatives led by Wernicke, who shoot him repeatedly. A horrified Wernicke realizes, too late, that the Walrider has made Upshur its new host, and it attacks him and the mercenaries. Panicked screams and gunshots are heard before the credits roll.

whistle stop takes place a little into the main story,where you see sorta from the perspective of the scientists/maitinence,so no you arent miles in the dlc.the cool thing about this is that the story continues,even after when miles dies,which is cool

also another cool thing about this from perspective isthe wallrider,or the guy that origionally was the test subject,where as you,or the 2nd guy in the dlc,who tried to stop the scientist from turning the guy into the test subject/wallrider,actually saves you once or twice,or spares your life when you was moments from death,or had mercy for you bcs of how the main bad guy in the dlc was attempting to kill you,which i thought was amazing....and the fact that he let you get away instead of exploding you,i think its a cool ending

also another note....the interesting thing about the game,and dlc,is the game itself was able to create memorable charracters that left a impact on you or the story,or played key roles,where whistle stop,even though wasnt that long(even though its dlc)didnt have as many people or characters,but still had that element that where it still created characters or people that you would remember or fall in love with(maybe not in love)

overall i havent played the game,but atching the playthrough,its an amazingly well done horror game that didnt creep me out as much as it would others,but overall its a 10/10 in my book and this is exactly the kinds of games that we need,where theyre not afraid to push boundaries and where being this company in particular wasnt as big,that they was able to do what they wanted,but so they didnt have to please a set audience like how lots of companies do

the only down side i have on this is i really wish this was made into a actual game where the story line is really long(or longer than a few hrs playtime/through)

i def recommend anyone buy this.prob my fav horror game and cant wait for outlast 2 to come out.i heard this one was gna be creepier than  the 1st
cant wait :D