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Author Topic:  Poem poem. Cosmic being poem poem. [mS]  (Read 325 times)

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Poem poem. Cosmic being poem poem. [mS]
« on: August 12, 2013, 05:09:49 AM »
Probably had this on the old site. Maybe not. Now its here! The meter and flow is designed to be a tribute to the HP Lovecraft's Nemesis, although the content adds a strong personality and some sexuality to the Cosmic Horror, which Lovecraft didnt do so much.

Through the streets of the city I wander
  Past black cold shadowed doors in the night
Where the eyes watch intently and hunger
  But I do not know fear in their sight
For I have counted the stars in the sky, and they fear me like they fear the light

I was born where the glare meets the darkness
  In the core of a distant dead sun
Where the demons danced perfect and heartless
  T’was with them that my teachings begun
They told me my sin was my glory, then they showed me to hunt and to run

Then I searched for the wisest of sages
  And I traveled the Universe round
For a thing whom the tolling of ages
  Is alike to its heartbeat in sound
Till at long last I found such a being, buried deep in the soft rotten ground

He spoke long of the nature of hunger
  Of how all life exists to consume
For an epoch or two I did linger
  And I starved in that worm-riddled tomb
But I learned that all things can be eaten, and I showed to my mentor his doom

Then I searched in a temple stained sanguine
  For a lady of blood and of rust
And we writhed on an altar of crimson
  In her lessons of violence and lust
The first of my lord and lady lovers, who have since turned to ashes and dust

I stumbled down dark paths of a forest
  Where sanity long gave up its hold
And the land since fell deeply to madness
  That grows on the soul like a mold
And I laughed long and loud in that jungle, that I knew like a friend dear and old

I have walked in the desert of ashes
  Where an army of billions lies still
Where the cold silent lightning bolt flashes
  Round a mountainous bone studded hill
And I stared full of awe in the silence, at the thing that was eating its fill

I have counted the souls without number
  I have sucked at the marrow of gods
I have lullaby’d planets to slumber
  Watched the slow dance of Galaxies flawed
Cutting the black heart of time and of space, seen the Universe vast dark and odd

Though the streets of the city I wander
  Dance through shadows and pools of dead light
Where they hide by their lamps and they shiver
  As they wither for fear of my sight
For I have feasted on stars in the sky, and they fear me like they fear the night

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