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The Fall of a Nation
« on: April 14, 2013, 08:31:39 PM »
The Fall of a Nation
Brought to you by Shorts and the Embroidered Scroll
Sequence One : Loosing a loved one

Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Hes gone. Hes just gone. My father was there a second ago, and now hes gone. People started to mumble, shed tears, but my brother started to burst out crying. "He was just there, I made eye contact with him. He was safe, and then he vanished. Just left." I mumbled.

I don't cry, I couldn't cry at all. I was in a state of shock, and I felt paralyzed. My knees soon hit the ground, and tears start to dribble down my face."He was safe! he was right there! I made eye contact with him and ten hes dead." I was shaking badly, and when I talked, it sounded like I was trying to talk during an earthquake.

"Come here Sydney, its okay, come here, your fine." Melissa told me. She was in the shock I was in, she didn't know what to do, she had just been with him a minute ago, all happy thinking they would be safe, and he would live. "Sydney, please, com...come here, I want something."

" you want to tell me?" I asked. I couldn't hold it together, my life was just shattered into a million pieces.

"Your father told me that if he dies, he wants you to not cry, he wants you to stand up, and control this group of people. You care about these people, there might be only few of us left in the end, but you can do it. He told me that in his exact words on the elevator, he wants you to lead this group to safety if he didn't make it." Melissa explained.

"What do I do now?" I asked.

"You lead us, John and I will help."

"So what do we do?"

"We find a way to get out of here, what they told me that you guys only counted 4 helicopters and 5 army men. We can find a way to get out of here, and fast. There is 13 of us, we can do it." She explained to me. I sat for a moment, and tried to think but I couldn't, it was too hard. I started to cry and that's when Marie stopped me there. "Sweetie, hold it together, its what your dad would have wanted. So honey, lets find a way to get the hell out of here before the Chinese find us."

"Thanks Marie. now John, Melissa, can you help us find a way out?" I asked.

"Yes we can. Its for the best of us." Melissa answered.

Melissa immediately goes through the doors to her room, and comes flying back out with a map of the building. "We are here, by rooms 42, and all we need to do is go down this hallway, last time we checked, they were only searching the North end of the hospital. No men or helicopters were found in this area yet, but soon they may come over here."

"Okay, here is a way we can get out and get onto a bus that hasn't been destroyed. " John explained.

Soon helicopters flew over the building, and people soon got scared. The gunshots soon stopped. everything got quiet, no helicopters no nothing. "They seem to be leaving." Marie said. We all got up to look out of the window, and sure enough the helicopters took off. "Maybe they were looking for something, and spared us."

"More like they don't want to waste the time to kill us, save it for the war." A man over in the corner said. He was walking on a cane, quickly reminding me of House, but he came out of the dark and looked awfully familiar to Dr. House too. "My name is Gregory Hamilton. But people like to call me Greg. nice to meet you all."

We all looked at him, and soon somebody starts to get a clipboard, to see if he is even a man who should be in this hospital. "He isn't supposed to be here, who are you?" asked Jenna.

"I was walking the streets, when I saw this place, it was fairly noticeable for miles, probably why the helicopters came after you. They thought it as a hospital and guessed right. They were only going for the meds, not you." He answered.

How did he even get into this hospital, the doors should all be locked, and its a relief that the Chinese were not here to kill us. "At least the Chinese didn't kill us all." Marie said.

"Ma'am, have you been watching the news lately?" Greg asked.

"No, we haven't watched since the stations went down." Marie replied.

"Its not the Chinese who is doing this. Its somebody else. China has been attacked too from this. We figure that Russia is doing this to us, but i'm not entirely shore." Greg explained.

"Does anybody know about Washington D.C? New York? Any major city?" Jenna asked.

"All I know is that New York is evacuated and many people have died. Washington D.C has been leveled by bombers, and if you would like to know, Boston too has been wiped out. The whole city blacked out Wednesday night and people began to panic."

"What about...about Baltimore?" Josh asked.

"Baltimore, Baltimore is a war zone. that is where the main fight is happening, at least on the east coast." He explained.

I couldn't believe that Baltimore is a war zone, and that our nations capitol is leveled. This is insane, but the biggest question is, who is doing this?

Sequence Two : Silence in the Hospital

Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Still, we all sat in the hallway intersection, shocked, afraid, and wondering who is this man? so many mysteries now that we were fed wrong information about everything, well except for the attacks. Baltimore is a war zone, nobody heard anything out of San Francisco since Wednesday, Houston had to the whole city black out before they evacuated, so panic was in the street. How is this man finding out these things? Greg Hamilton sounds awfully familiar too.

"Greg, where were you when all of this was happening?" Melissa asked.

"I, I worked for Channel 7 news. I was the weatherman for the station, and that is why you think that my name sounds very familiar." He explained.

"So, you know whats going on? Why are you here then?" I asked. He looked at me, and soon began to speak.

"I wound up here just like the rest of you. Baltimore evacuated and we got out just before the city blacked out. We had a head start, but there is a news van about a mile from here. We still get some connection to England's news. I was here looking for water when we saw the hospital, but then the Helicopters came and I had to hide. Two other people are in my group, and they are only a mile up the road." He explained.

Now I know why the name sounded familiar, and now many people are going to believe him, considering he is a reporter, or well with reporters. He maybe a weatherman but right now he knows more than us, and he could be very liable to the group.

"I don't think we can tag the other people, there's a big chance that most of them are dead, since they did tear down the South side, which was where most people were." Marie said.

"Shes right, we don't want to risk a bigger group, that will only cause more trouble. It sounds horrible leaving them, but I don't want to be stuck here with limited supplies and 1000 people to take care of." Melissa replied.

"Do you guys hear yourselves? your talking about abandoning patients, people who are sick an injured and cannot fight back. My dad would have never done this, he would have helped the others, and bring them to safety." I explained. " Look around, there is only 16 of us, we don't know how many are alive right now. For all we know they are all alive."

"Little girl-""I'm 15, and I think we should go help those people!"I cut Greg off. " Okay, bigger girl, I walked up the road, there is a slim chance that anybody survived. You are in the one area where there is no floors above us. the two main buildings are torn to the ground, you may not see it now, but I don't think anybody but us made it." Greg re-explained. "Just come outside and look for yourself."

I soon started to shed some tears, no way am I going to believe this guy, but he has been truthful this whole time. I slowly get up and head towards the main door. Once I opened it, a cloud of smoke and dust began to fill my lungs. The cloud of dust began to sweep into the hallway and I immediately shut the door. "Maybe you are right, maybe we are the only ones left." I said softly.

"So, please, we need to work together and plan on leaving this place soon. The enemy will come back for more, they know that people are still alive. Now you guys still have a bus out there that is capable to hold us all. and I have a van for news, and its a good combination." Greg began to explain.

"Maybe we should move on, and soon. He is very smart, and is liable to our group." Marie mentioned.

"Its not that, its that we aren't even going to try looking for survivors." I said.

"Well sometimes its for the best, and sometimes people get left behind. Don't worry about the past, only worry about the future. Your dad would understand why you are leaving them behind." Jenna explained.

"You don't know crap about my dad! he would help those people!" I yelled. I started to cry and then I fell to the floor.

"Honey, its okay, let it out." Marie said. She walked over to me and gently grabbed my arm to help me back up. "its okay, i'm here for ya." I got up and immediately fell into her arms and started to burst out crying.

"I miss him so much! I wish I never yelled out his name, then he would have been out of the elevator. Its all my fault." I mumbled.

"Its not your fault! you couldn't do anything about it. Sometimes you were meant to be dead, destiny is what they call it sweetie." She tried cheering me up." Now look at me, hold it together, and we can get through this." I was embarrassed now that I cried in front of all these people. They didn't seem to mind, if anything felt really bad for me.

"Sydney, you ready to lead us out of here?" Melissa asked.

"Yes, I think I can." I said. I leave Marie's arms and began to speak." Now, guys, Grab some towels and rags. We are going to the buses, and you don't want the smoke and dust in your lungs."

Everybody started to get up and grab rags. People went down the hallway, probably grabbing some food packages for people. We begin to get ready to get to the bus and meet up with the news van. Finally everything is coming together.

Sequence Three : Poker Night

Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Once everybody packed up their bags, grabbed supplies, and took a last minute bathroom break, we got to the buses and began to take off. John is driving the bus to the news van a mile up the road. Once we meet up with them, we will go and head onto interstate 95.

"I think we are here! stop and pull over on the side of the road." Greg hollered from the back of the bus. He and Melissa and some other people got a table and played cards back there. They had chips too and they seemed to be trying to make the best of this ride. The only problem is, they have to move the table every time somebody gets up to go to the bathroom.

"Ya, here they are! good job John!" Said Greg.

"So are you going to ride with them?" John asked.

"I think so, but we will be following you the whole way. we will beep if theirs a problem and we have are going to give you a walkie talkie." He explained. "Oh and one more thing, Sydney, take my spot in poker back there."

"Sure will!" I started to laugh a bit, and I got up from the front and ran to the back of the bus. There was a curtain so they didn't bother anybody sleeping in the front. There was only 16 people total on the bus, so it was very quiet, except for the poker game. I get back there, and Frank was in the back too, I didn't often talk to Frank, but I heard he was a pretty good Blackjack player.

"Hey! there she is and with a smile!" Melissa cheered.

"So, where have you been? sleeping with the others?" Asked Jenna.

"No, I was looking out the window, just thinking. I stumbled upon my dads bag before we left, and found that he was writing a book. I was reading it mostly." I explained.

"Well, where is it? can we see it?" Jenna asked.

"Oh don't bother the girl! shes happy and she wants to play blackjack. Right?" Frank replied.

"Shut up Frank. Ignore him, he just wants to beat you in the one game hes good at." Melissa explained.

These guys were starting to make me crack up! They were funnier than I ever imagined. "Its okay, the book is put away, and how about we get this game started. " I answered.

I had all of Greg's chips, and he had quite a few too. He was in second place for the lead with winnings, which is a good thing because i suck at poker.

"Okay, were playing Blackjack now!" Frank said.

"No! How about Sydney picks." Melissa replied. I am really good at blackjack, so in a way Frank will love. But I have a feeling he thinks I suck at it.

"Ill pick Blackjack. I think I could beat Franks ass!" I tried talking smack, but I kind of suck at it.

"Oh ho ho! you like talking smack! Oh now its on lady!" Frank replied.

Melissa hands out the the cards. We all bet the minimum of 2 chips. Nobody put in more than 2, considering its only the first round.

"Sydney, hit or stay?" Melissa asked. I look at my cards, and I have an Ace and a 3.

"Eh, I'll hit." I answered.

She puts the card down, and its a 7. "Blackjack! Mwahahaha!" I said.

"Dam! I had 19! I thought I was going to win!" Yelled Frank.

"Hey Frank, quiet down will ya? You sound like a raging baboon!" Yelled Marie from the front of the bus.

"Eh shut up Marie, go back to bed." Frank replied back. This doesn't look so good now.

"Oh what did you just say to me! I'm coming the hell back here and your going to get smacked into next week!" Marie began to get up and head towards the back. Frank immediately took off into the bathroom, and locked the door.

"Open that dam door fool!" Marie said as she began to knock on the door. "Don't make me kick it down!"

"Will you not kill me if I come out?" He asked.

"If you apologize, because right now i'm a big angry woman who is not happy." Frank unlocks the door and comes out. "I'm sorry for telling you to shut up." Frank rolled his eyes, and Marie immediately reacted. She smacked him right across the head and sat in his chair.

"Okay, so how much am I currently winning by?" She asked.

"You are in the lead currently." Melissa replied.

"Hey you can't just take my spot!" He yelled.

"Don't make me smack you again! now you go to the front and talk to your good friend John. He could use the entertainment." Marie told him. This bus ride tonight is getting more funny by the minute. Glad that Marie took his place, now its a ladies night. We begin to play more games throughout the night and we had a good time.

It was two in the morning when it was just me, Marie, and Melissa. By this time we were just talking about life and what we did before this whole mess. I earlier showed them the book my dad was writing, and they gave me opinions to write the rest of it. I will probably write the book on spare time, or when I can't sleep during the nights. I head off to bed because i'm tired, but Marie and Melissa were just talking to each other back and forth for the rest of the night.

The next morning I got up and we were still driving on the highway. I wonder where we are going though, but I have a feeling Greg and his friends know where to go.

Sequence Four : Its a gold mine!

Spoiler for Hidden Content:

I wake up with my head on the window, seeing fog on the spot where my mouth was on the window. I lift up my arm, and noticing a blanket is on me. the person next to me sacrificed their blanket for me to be warm. It was Marie who gave me the blanket, and I soon grab it and put it on her. I now lift my arm up to check the time and the watch read 11:32. I must have overslept, but that doesn't matter considering we are still on the road, surprisingly no cars are even on the interstate either.

No noise was on the bus except for the engine, but it only causes a slight vibration. I slowly get up as quiet as I can and soon slither past Marie, trying not to wake her up. I soon get into the isle, and begin to slowly walk down it. I see most of the people sleeping, but some of them were reading books, or just trying to charge their phone, hoping to find reception, which isn't quiet a bad idea. I know that in my bag I have my phone and charger, but only get few times of reception. Maybe it is a good time to check considering buses have Wifi.

I soon begin to walk down the little ramp in the isle, checking who is driving the bus. It was Dave who was driving it, and I should say his name so I don't spook him. "Hey Dave, whats up?" I asked. Hes only 20 and hes kind of nice looking.

"Oh, Hey Syd, good morning! Whats up?" He asked.

"Oh nothing, I'm just chilling, well what else could I do." I replied "How about you?"

"Driving a bus, dodging abandoned cars, you know the usual. Well its as unusual as it gets, but hey this is the world we live in now." He remarked.

"Hey, do you have your phone on you? Because I am wondering if the bus has wifi, and i'm going to see if I can find a news app." I explained.

"Well good luck, also what phone do you have? I have an iPhone."

"Oh, well I have an iPhone too! But wait, what kind?"

"The iPhone 5."

"Same here! maybe I could go charge both of our phones, and then see what we could find?" I felt a little stupid saying that, but hey what else am I going to do today.

"Sure, sure!" He replied. Now I don't feel that stupid now that he liked my idea. Maybe he is the perfect guy who could get used to my stupidity.

I soon begin to go back up the ramp when suddenly this lady, sadly I forget her name, stops me. "I see your interested in that young man over there. Now word of advise, your still underage." She winked at me and started to laugh a bit. I gave her a smile and replied back to her. " Ya, Thanks for the great advice. I'll keep a mind on it." I never talked to this woman often, but I have a feeling its going to change.

As I reach for my bag under my seat, I try as hard as possible to not wake up Marie, but I think i'm too late for that. "Hey, Uhhh. Hey what are ya doin?" She asked while making a massive yawn. "I was grabbing something out of my bag, you go back to sleep." I replied.

"No, when Marie wakes up, Marie stays up." She said. She started to get a little more awake and gets up."Does anybody have any coffee?" She hollered.

"Marie, were on a bus, not at a dunkins." The lady who I talked to earlier hollered back.

"Aww forget it Debbie, hey who's driving the bus by the way?"

"My son, Dave. Maybe he could stop somewhere like a rest area and see whats going on there." Debbie replied. Its all starting to come together. I feel embarrassed talking to her and hitting on her son now.

"We have a rest area up ahead, and maybe I could stop there." Dave remarked." Oh and by the way I think I have an important thing to say. I don't think we are the only ones on the highway."

"What do you mean you found other people too?" Asked Marie.

"Last night there were some cars driving past us, and about an hour ago a fleet of small cars and vans flew by. It looked like more people are coming out from hiding to find a place of safety. I also been messaging Greg all night, hes been telling me that nobody is doing anything about us being under attack." He explained.

"Well just keep driving and looking for rest areas, with food." Marie replied.

"There is one that should be up ahead about 2 miles up road."

I am getting a little exited that other people are surviving this too. Maybe the rest area has some snacks to fill us up with.

As he pulls into the rest area, we see a lot of cars here, and other things too. "Am I seeing this too?" Marie asked.

"I don't believe it! This place is a gold mine!" Dave said.

"Wow, this is a great thing!" I hollered.
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