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CatInTheHat.jpg [Creepypasta]
« on: April 14, 2013, 04:27:59 PM »
Here is the story of what happend to me several years ago.

I Was browsing the internet on my brand new computer, since my old computer was corrupted by the dreaded Sirefef.AB virus. Anyways, i was browsing the internet when i got an idea. I would look up Cat in the Hat on google. And i saw something that caught my eye. It was an ad for a mental hospital, it mentioned 'cat in the hat' in the comment area, being stupid i checked it out. It was a basic website, black background, Times new roman font, pretty basic. I Then went to the archives, that's when it happend.

I Went through the records and archives of the inmates and staff members when i saw a man named 'Catin Thehat' Weird, i thought. Being curious, i clicked on the file. It then said 'Downloading CaTiNThEHaT.jpg' I Quickly tried to stop it, but it continued. afterwards, it was on my desktop. Being creeped out, i clicked on the .jpg and was horrified at what i saw. It was the man, yet again. But this time, it was him wearing a cat facepaint with a large top hat like cat in the hat, but he had a twisted...horrible smile on his face. The image was then mass produced onto my desktop and the PC shut down. Crying at this point, i didn't know what to do. Since my parents were out of town on a vacation with me only being left with the dog, Rufus.

I Then started hearing...banging, it became louder... and louder... and louder. It then stopped. With my heart pounding at 102 MPH (i thought) i then almost passed out. I Then remembered that i had a Gerber Knife in my dresser drawer, with a very large sharp blade, i grabbed it. The door then opened and the attacker lunged at me. Guess who it was? that's right. Catin Thehat. He then tried to thrust the knife into my chest but i stabbed his hand just in time. I Then kicked him off and ran out the room, i started to run down the stair's when he grabbed my leg and yanked me back, forcing my teeth to go deeper into my gums. Being in shock from pain, i couldn't move. He then grabbed my arm and bent it backwards, forcing it to snap down to the joint. At this point i was crying from the pain and almost passed out, then i remembered. The knife was still in my hand as i left it earlier, i tried to shank his arm but he kicked it from my hand and shoved me down the stairs.

Turns out the neighbors heard all that was going on and called the police, they arrived very soon after they called. They then came in busting down my door and i pointed up stairs. They were all equipped with heavy riot armor and Kobra Pistols and rifles. I Then heard screaming, Catin grabbed an officer and tore his throat out with his bare hands. The officer fell down the stairs and fell next to me, stone cold, dead. The officer's then fired at him, shooting him 4 times in the chest. He then lay there, dead. It was finally over. I Explained to the police what had happend and they beleived the whole thing. They later had me taken to the hospital to treat my broken arm, shattered teeth, and cuts and bruises.