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C:\Windows\System32\Voices.wav [Creepypasta]
« on: April 14, 2013, 04:26:54 PM »
Recently i bought a new computer, since my old one was charred from the fire that happend. Anyways, i was getting bored of playing happy wheels so i decided to go scout around in some folders. So, i went to the C:\Windows and started browsing, then System32, SYSWOW64, and so on. I Then found a file me myself, am not familiar with. It was called Voices.wav. I searched it up on google just incase i accidently put a virus onto my newly bought computer, but nothing came up. Only some weird japanese websites came up with very sexual ads in them. Being frustrated, i turned the computer off. I Then went to bed and heard...things, like voices of little kids trying to tell me something.

When i came back on the computer, something was differant. Way differant. My desktop background was changed to the word 'Voices' and all of my files became voices.wav. Being scared, i clicked on it, it popped up in the mp3 player, except it was a video. Saying to myself, "how is this even possible? Wav's are sounds, not videos." It then started to all play back into my head, the voices, the screaming, i tried to close it but i couldnt. I Checked the time left and it said "999 hours 999 seconds remaining" WHAT. At this point i was crying, not knowing what was happening, the video then went from a blackscreen to what seems to be a forest. I Tried to follow along to what was happening, it was two men wearing what seemed to be Ghillie suits (y'know, the snipers and such) as they were walking through the forest, they stopped repeaditly and stared at some thing off in the distance.

At around 4 minutes into the video they stopped once more, and one of the soldiers dropped to the ground, clenching his ears. He then started murmering to himself "i hear the voices, they are coming for us!" He then grabbed a silenced .22 pistol and put it to his head and blew his brains out. The other soldier was so shocked he couldn't move. The video ended. About another hour later another video played out, except this time it was a family, and when the little girl heard the voices little tiny things that looks like rats came out of the forest and ate the family, ALIVE. It showed the entire process, they ate everything. They just left the bones laying there.

Finally, 4 hours later another video played. It looked like it was parts from an old movie where someones reluctently pulled a bone out of a persons wrist, they then heard the voices and went into a full on death-brawl. At this point, i threw up. I Then grabbed a hammer from the garage and hit the computer with it. Nothing happend, i hit it another 9-10 times and still, nothing happend. Becoming angered and scared, i ripped the computer from its socket (it was a desktop) and threw it onto the floor. The entire thing shattered, the TV then randomly turned on, and the video was playing ON MY TV! I Couldn't take it anymore, i ran outside the house in the pitchblack of the night, hearing the voices, that's when it hit me. A Car was driving down the road and i ran right infront of it, severed my leg from my body, the person then called an ambulence and took me to some mental hospital.

They found out that my brain had been heavily damaged, not by impact, but by thoughts. They found that whenever i went unconscious i would mutter things that were extremely satanic and full of malice.

I Was released from the hospital 3 months afterwards, everything is fine now, but i can still sometimes hear the voices. So, moral of the story, never go into system32.  Or, they will get you. Just like the did to me.