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Author Topic:  GameBit Discord - Free GameServers, Giveaways and general gaming chat.  (Read 207 times)

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Hey all. Been a while since i've made a post here but here goes. (I have the relative permissions to advertise my Discord here.)

You can join the GameBit Discord Server by clicking the image above or this link:

GameBit is a Discord server focused around gaming. There will be frequent giveaways via competitions and posting free keys. As well as letting everyone know about the latest gaming offers and deals that can be found around the internet.

GameBit also offers it's members the use of free GameServers so that they can host there own servers for other gamers to join and play on and with. The current servers on offer are, but not limited to:

7 Days to Die - UK & US
ARK: Survival Evolved - UK & US
Conan Exiles - UK & US
Garry's Mod 64 - UK & US
Minecraft - UK & US
Rust - UK & US
Space Engineers - UK & US

More are being tested and added so please ask if you want something you don't yet see.

Hopefully some of you will join and help grow the server and community.  ^-^