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Author Topic: [PC] Total Miner PC 2.0?  (Read 888 times)

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Total Miner PC 2.0?
« on: January 06, 2020, 03:07:13 PM »

I've noticed a massive lack off communication between the Official Discord Server and the Total Miner Forums. I know alot of people are missing out on information because they're not in the discord server for whatever reason so I though I'd post an update on here. It's been a long road to multiplayer for TM:PC but we have recently received an announcement that the game is now being worked on again by a new team. I'll post some screenshots of these announcements below:

Spoiler for Announcement Images:

Source: Total Miner Discord server

Source: Total Miner Steam page

The first image is an update posted in the Discord server by Steve which gives us some major updates. Let's take a look..


Well unfortunately it seems Craig is definitely out the game for the moment which is a shame to see but we're lucky to have @Steve and @XBLToothPik who have now taken on the game under "new guidance." We can see XBL is doing the programming and development side of things and Steve is promoting the game with the marketing/media side of things. There are some people who've been given the Developer role on the Discord that aren't mentioned in this list but may become more public in the future, this includes @Justyn and Native Function.

The Developers page on the forums have also been updated.


We're also seeing more testers in the discord server, some old friends have come back to the testing team such as @Auroras Calling and @Nsomnia_Redline who have made a return.

Game Updates:

Okay, here's the fun part. We can monitor the game progress on the Trello link that Steve has given us. I'll talk you through some of the stuff written on the Trello.

Current Tasks:

MonoGame port - COMPLETED
Multiplayer (locally hosted)
Performance Enhancements
New audio system/manager - COMPLETED

We can also see some exciting upcoming updates such as Discord support, Linux/Mac support and infinite worlds.

Though we've been told there's no concrete dates yet we have been told it's likely that the first update will be in spring 2020 (between March April and May) or possibly even earlier. Hopefully all of you guys that aren't in the discord now have some idea of what's going on, if you want to keep up with further news you can check on the discord server with the link I put up top, you can also keep your eyes peeled on this thread which I'll update with any information I can get.

Happy mining!

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Re: Total Miner PC 2.0?
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2020, 02:15:40 PM »
Hey, thanks for making this post.
For a while I thought Total Miner Forge was done, but, now I have something to look forward to with my twin brother again.

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Re: Total Miner PC 2.0?
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2020, 06:10:13 AM »
i feel like tiny chat should just get replaced with an integration of the Discord server

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Re: Total Miner PC 2.0?
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2020, 12:19:17 PM »
Hello Miners!

A quick update here, I'm aware that a new audio system/manager has been implemented to the game. With this knocked off the list there appears to be only 2 current tasks left on the Trello page. Multiplayer (steam local P2P) and performance enhancements are the only tasks that are currently being worked on according to the page.

With only a month left until the start of spring it's looking hopeful that the multiplayer update will hit it's target date (sometime during spring).

That's all for now!