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Author Topic: [PC] Any Touhou players here?  (Read 635 times)

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Any Touhou players here?
« on: September 24, 2019, 09:17:24 PM »
Anyone here play or even heard of touhou?
Spoiler for some character sprites:

Bullet hell style game and sometimes even a streetfighters style variation of it- (like just a casual fighting game)
Spoiler for screenshots of games':

All I can say is Touhou in general is a genre of bullet hell games with a different story with each game and sometimes sequels to others in the genre, In most of the games your first option for a character is the main protagonist and Shrine Maden: Reimu Hakurei, who runs about stopping youkai and fairies who cause trouble in the land of Gensokyo (where they all reside in, basically their "earth") Most of the Touhou games consist of 6 stages along with 4 main dificulties to the games. each with a boss of somekind with different attack patterns each time (called spellcards).
the 4 difficulties, respectively named Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic which obviously, easy being the easiest and Lunatic being the hardest, while some game have different named difficulties, In Touhou Touhou 11 SA, Easy is renamed "Fairy Class" and Lunatic "Kishin Class," While having different names the difficulty remains the same.
There are also what are called Extra Stages which you unlock usually by beating the game in anything either higher than Hard or Normal difficulty, but good luck, because even "Easy isn't really "easy" anymore once you hit around stage 5-6.
Thats really all i can explain the basics of and the shortest i can. Want to learn more go here-

Want to look and /or play some of the game? go here-
Spoiler for Take a look at these good bois: