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: [Game] Possible Future Dev Team (If game is made open source, or given by Craig)  ( 1385 )

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Total Miner, The game that brought many of us tons upon tons of hours of creative imagination, and inspired most of us to learn about it, Craig the single man that made this great game as a hobbie, Then released the game on the xbox 360 indie store, made it one of the most top selling games on the market for a couple months, then shortly died down as the community began to fade away.

If Craig was to make it open source, And someone is planning to create a team to continue the development of this game, For it too be maybe once again a top seller. I'm all in for being a part of this team, name it I will learn it... Animation, Modeling, etc..

My dream is too have total miner back on xbox, but for the newer platform/next gen version, I want this game to make its revival and stand as a game worth while to make.

If anybody is willing to join the train for a new development team for total miner if it becomes open source, Reply and Make your stand as a fellow player for this amazing game craig has given us! 


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Hey, i doubt this is going to happen but there is ALWAYS a possibility ya know? So from my knowledge most indie games on the xbox 360 were wrote in C# which happens to be what i am learning i doubt i will ever get good enough to help develop a game but i'm always willing to try. Total Miner: Forge has given use all the best of memories, and to see it go the way it did is sad, but all good things mus' come to an end, and sadly this may be total miners end. I've been here playing total miner for the better part of 5 years and honestly i'd love to see some sort of multi-player that'd be a dream come true and i'd love to help with that, but with how little i know about C# i doubt i'd be able to help in the slightest however ill keep learning and who knows maybe someday total miner will be revived. I love this game still and always will one of the best games i have ever played in my life <3

-HaloFan62 From Xbox :P


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