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Author Topic: [Other] History of total miner and stories  (Read 724 times)

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History of total miner and stories
« on: April 10, 2019, 07:22:42 PM »
Just a quick introduction, Most if not nobody will know who I am. I was mainly active on the previous forum before the blackmail happened 6 ish years ago I think.

Anyways I just came to check the development of the game and was saddened to see it's development being stopped.

To not let this great game and community be forgotten I feel we should make a collective history of the game and the surrounding community or stories so that one day either myself or somebody else can go and it to create an accurate video or article about the whole thing.

I don't know much about anything that happened in the past 5 years and also my memory before that was a bit of a haze. 

Things that I think would be useful information and stories to collect:

General struggles of being a 360 indie game, if I remember right indie games get less ram. Also the community checking the peer review progress by the hour was a charming side effect.

General reason why you and others started playing and what kept you playing over other voxel games.

Any thing about robitica, the hype around it, getting one placed in your world or seeing somebody with it.

Hyped and game changing updates, generally the eariler one. I remember a update that shrunk the games hardware usage from max to a few mb of ram.

The forum blackmail of 2013

Pc release

The community view of Craig, anybody still got the pic of him with sunglasses or in the park drunk? :P

Anything and everything that you don't want to be lost and never heard. :)

A little bit about the previous game. I think there was a previous greenstone game if my memory is correct.