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Author Topic: [PC] Do you think the forum will boom with activity again when Multiplayer comes out?  (Read 606 times)

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Reply with what you think the future holds for the forums involving upcoming updates for TM on steam!  :3
I play some game called Total Miner.


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When people are able to purchase the game to play with their friends, the forums will most certainly pick up.


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I agree. Me and my friends have been waiting for multiplayer to come out since the game first came out. I haven't played TM in over a year.


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If multiplayer is released then yes.

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A majority of the game for me and many other players, was spent making maps for others. I'm sure that when Multiplayer is released, more people will be joining and especially creating maps. However, I think it depends on how effective the "announcement" for multiplayer is. I know people who stopped playing, and are awaiting its release, but don't check the forums or the discord.

In all honesty, I am greatly looking forward to the Forum Booming again.