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Author Topic:  Can I get an official statement on the time frame for TMF's release on Xbox one?  (Read 1302 times)

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A while ago Craig put out a tweet saying a TM port on Xbox one would be a goal once PC version was comfortable. I'm asking for an official statement on how long/or when, just any sort of time frame for TM's arrival on the Xbox one console.
I've noticed that any news or updates on TM and its direction has been very dead these past few months and some noise would be nice
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There’s no time frame and nor will there be one anytime soon, work is focused on Multiplayer for the PC.


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Asking Craig for a release date is like asking a plumber how to build a rocket ship. You're only going to be disappointed when it blows up in your face.


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Yeah, it most likely will not happen in the next few years or so. Sorry.

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