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general wish list
« on: May 17, 2018, 04:00:11 PM »

Revamped inventory - just a single inventory to look into with your armor, crafting, and all your items.

Easier looking menu - the new gui looks great, but it could use with some changed. The tabs such as “scripting” and “behavior” should probably not be at the top by default, and should instead be able to added to the top of the menu by a toggle inside a general options section.

A launcher - i would love to see a launcher that would allow for some small setting changes before actually launching the game, such as allocating ram, texture packs, mods, etc. now while having these inside of the games menu would be nice, i think the menu is pretty cluttered as is and having a launcher can free up some of that space and make it look nicer and cleaner.

Full screen borderless - please?

Movement animations - the flowing bushes are cool and all but how about those stiff cows or sliding ducks? Haha. just some basic walking and attacking animations would be great. These should also go over to players as it is just strange to see people slid across the ground.

Smooth out mouse movement - for some reason it still just feels like i am using a controller while playing.

Less mob collision - mobs seeming to act as if they were blocks is very annoying.

Less surface ores - i know this is not v common but finding gold at the surface can really throw a player off. Just making it so only a very few selected ores can appear on the surface would be vvvv nice.

Fleshing out the world generation - the current world generation seems to be pretty good but at the moment there can be large chunks of land that just doesn’t generate properly. Now this is more like a bug than anything but still i just want the world generation to be better and more fleshed out and smoother for better gameplay and better maps.