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Text Overlays / Wall Text
« on: February 21, 2018, 02:55:17 AM »
Text Overlays / Wall Text

Working similar to a sign and a decal combined, this would allow you to write on the wall (and potentially in the air, if it works how I imagine it would), and also be able to change font size, and maybe even colour. Placing this on a block would pull up a text box, and we write in it just like a sign, pressing underscore to start a new line. Ideally, text should spread to neighbouring blocks (and even to air blocks, for the illusion of magical text), allowing for invasion of block space which causes the illusion of the world being gridless, which is good for detail when building.

To make this addition even more interesting, this other idea of mine could be added:

This addition has the potential to leave maps with the ancient remnants of cave drawings, insane blood-scrawled ramblings on the walls of asylums, the names of stores printed above their awnings, movie titles on a theatre marquis, or simply even chalk on a chalkboard in a college classroom. The applications are as limitless as build themes are.
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