Author Topic:  Input Profile Override Script Command and/or World Setting  (Read 268 times)

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Input Profile Override Script Command and/or World Setting
« on: February 20, 2018, 07:49:42 PM »
Been a while since I posted an idea. Hope this catches on.

Input Profile Override Script Command and/or World Setting.
So, like... a script command or world setting that overrides world visitors' input profiles. An example, remove scrolling or the X/C(I think it's X and C?) usage for scrolling on the hotbar. Using scripts, you could emulate the ever popular MMORPG quick abilities fuction. So you could force it that players are required to use the number keys to activate (equip) abilities (items).

Then, with my other idea, you could force them back to a certain slot on their hotbar. Perhaps a sword.

This override would be temporary, of course. Ending when you leave the world.

OverrideInput [world|player] [action] [input]

I think keys need to be specified in detail. Like... kp6 instead of just 6 (which could be confused with number line 6). Spacebar instead of " ". Seperate with a comma to add more than one input per action. [Default] would return the input to the players' preferred key. [Remove] would entirely remove the usage.

This could also be a way of scrambling or reversing movement controls for RPG effects like the debuffs confusion or temporary insanity. W becomes S, and vice versa. A becomes D, and vice versa.

These changes should not be able to be overridden by the player, likewise, the script should not be able to override the players' pause menu input profile. This way, in case of trolling, players can still leave the world.
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