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Hey all, so with the kindness of my heart and a lot of convincing I have decided to giveaway a single version of Total Miner. Anyone can try their luck with this little giveaway; however, please note a few things:
(1) Only make one post on this topic please, this isn't a discussion topic.
(2) Due to region restrictions that have been put in place on Steam, I can only reward those who live in either North America or Canada.
(3) If you have any questions, please personal message me here or on the official Total Miner Discord.

How Do I Win?
Simply post your Steam name, how long you've been playing Total Miner, and what your favorite memory is of Total Miner. I posted an example below in case anyone is confused.
Spoiler for Hidden Content: My Steam name is jkuse06, I've been a member of the Total Miner community for almost six years now, and my favorite memory was joining my first Challenge world, and feeling amazed merely, which initially inspired me to start making my challenge maps.I will pick a random winner on Friday and will message you here on the forums. If you fail to reply within 24 hours another winner will be chosen, so please be aware of your pm's.

Thank you guys, and again if you have any questions, please feel free to message me. For those who want to go ahead and buy the game, it's currently on sale and I went ahead and left the link here.

I'm not here for the Copy of Total Miner but i thought i'd leave my story anyway.

So hello fellow forum dwellers, i'm Callum. Most people know me as CDJ which is why it's my Steam Username. I've been a member since late 2011. Favourite memory on Total Miner, hmm. Well, it would have to be the time that the legendary Jeff (OshKosh) made his signature "CHEESE BALLS" video. He decided to record while i was playing his map and at the time of this recording he was eating a well known snack called Cheese Balls. He was chomping extremely loudly down the microphone so i decided to ask what he was eating, the next couple of sentences were pretty much him screaming at the top of his lungs the words "CHEESE BALLS CHEESE BALLS.. CHEEEESE BALLSS" I don't know what he actually did with the video but i wish i could find it. Every time someone asks me about a memory it's the first thing that pops into my head, i don't know why but it will never leave me. If you were to talk more Total Miner based memory i'd probably mention when i got my first concurrent players on an RPG world i built back when multiplayer was first released in early 1.5. I'm getting emotional just thinking about all the good times I've had in this game and how i wish i could go back to re-live them all again.

Anyway, big thank you too Jeff, good luck to those who enter and i wish you all the best. Can't wait to read your story's.

Kyrin Fireheart:
I was waiting to see if I would win the giveaway from Lunar before I posted on yours but I might as well do it now before I go to bed. I just found this game yesterday and have been playing on a friends account at the moment but so far I really love it. I don't really have a great story just yet....unless you count trying to build a castle on a lake and realizing halfway through putting down the base land that it's WAAAAAY to large an area to make out of bricks. Didn't realize that until I had already put 3000+ down and it's not even half way finished :P

Hey i guess it wont hurt to try yours two since i live in north America or USA

my steam name is 1LeeEverett1

Ive been playing total miner since the 1.9 update i forgot how many years it been but i know its long

my favorite memory of total miner was when i was part of the last Robotic Contest i think,it was on the family guy hunger game map and i was KING GOODRICH xbox 360 profile.

Kyrin Fireheart:
Big thanks to Emguy158 for gifting me a copy! I'll withdraw my name now


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