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Steam Bug Report
« on: December 23, 2017, 04:18:25 AM »
current Specs

Intel I5 LGA1150 (unsure exact model)
2x 4gb 2666Mhz Ram
1 NVIDIA GTX Geforce 760

i have encountered a bug as of 2:15 (-0700 GMT)
upon attempting full screen the game had crashed causing a blue screen with an option to "copy to clipboard" and saying to take a picture for you unfortuantly neither worked. i had my setting for resolution for right under max size (idk what it was exactly i saw it for like 2 seconds)

had a lot of code that i wished i could have given you i didnt know it wasnt going to work xD

have a great holiday season man
lol hoping we get a new years update at least would hate to play on a tiny screen forever