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Author Topic: [PC] How to install mods, components, and worlds downloaded from an outside source.  (Read 2108 times)

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The Gold Knight

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This topic will be a guide on how to install mods, worlds, components, and probably some other stuff to the PC edition of Total Miner. I'll even include pictures so you can be lazy and not read stuff.

Download the .rar/.zip file of the mod you want, and open it using Winrar, .7zip or whatever archiving program you use.
Extract the folder to C:Username>Documents>My Games>TotalMiner>Mods
If there is no Mods folder, simply create one and extract the files there.

Start the game, and go to Setup > Manage Mods
Then activate them. In the setup screen, you can select whether these mods apply to all worlds or only new worlds.

Example of a Mods folder

Follow the same instructions as with mods, but instead extract the folder into the Maps folder.
Example of a Maps folder:

Ok, you'll never guess how to do this, so I'll just tell you. Same thing as before, but with the Com folder. Just make sure each folder has a unique name so there's no conflicts.
Example of a Components Folder:

Picture Guide:
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

These three folders will be the ones we use. If there is no Mods folder, simply create one yourself. The Com folder is for components, the Maps folder is for worlds, and the Mods folder is for mods.


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Very helpful topic, deserves to be pinned. Thank you Golden Knight.


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Thanks GK, This is mostly self explanatory, but it makes finding things a bit easier now! The pin was well worth it!
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Thanks for this GK
Big ups to yersel big man


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Love it. Nicely done. Very clear to read.


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Thanks, I've been needing this :)