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I've installed tapatalk on the forums. It should be easier for everyone to use than the current app or a standard browser. As a bonus it's available on iOS as well as Android. And even Windows phone, which should be useful for all 6 people that have one of those.

What you'll need to do: obviously you'll want to install tapatalk. Pick your poison with the links below.

When you first run it, you'll see a search bar at the top. type in Total Miner, and you'll get something that looks like this.

Hit follow so that you don't have to constantly be searching for the same thing. Then you just click the link to get here, log in and you'll be able to do most everything that you can do on the website version. It'll looks something like this, which is basically the equivalent of hitting the recent posts.

There are some ads here and there, but they seem pretty unobtrusive. I'll have a look at the stats in a month or two and see if there's enough people using it to justify paying for the ad free upgrade.

cY Agent 115:
Android and IOS compatible?


--- Quote from: cY Agent 115 on December 09, 2017, 04:55:03 PM ---Android and IOS compatible?
--- End quote ---

Thank you, hopefully these don't magically get loaded with ads.

cY Agent 115:
i wish it has my TMF Forums account profile linked ;-;


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