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Since I come across free games a lot and probably very few people know about them being free, I figure I'll just post them here as I come across them.

This won't include "free" games ala the monthly Playstation Plus or Games with Gold titles or pirated games (and don't even think about posting links to those.) Also won't include mobile games, because I don't care about mobile games. Only actual free ones.

So to start off:

Shadow Warrior is free on Steam. This seems like a 1 day only thing, so go grab it like now or it'll be too late.

And over on Origin you can grab Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. I don't know how long this lasts. EA seems to have no rhyme or reason as to when they change it.

And Club Ubisoft has Rayman Origins free for the remainder of August

I have a notable collection of free entertainment titles, so I shall post them here. I will likely organize and add upon this listing later.

Spoiler for Listing: Spoiler for Platformer Games: Cave Story: A considerably well-known platform adventure game. Due to the possibilty of unintentionally mentioning too much about the story, I simple suggest to play about with it.
Ikachan: An underwater based role-playing adventure game. Was developed from the developers of "Cave Story", and was released before. Due to the possibilty of unintentionally mentioning too much about the story, I simple suggest to play about with it.
IWBTG | I Wanna Be The Guy: A notoriously difficult platformer alongside simple graphics and a humourous theme.
Mari0: A platformer and puzzle game in which is strives to combine both the original "Super Mario Brothers" (NES edition) and "Portal". Includes hats, local multiplayer, and a level editor.
n: A platformer including action and puzzle aspects. Features physics simulation, ninjas, a level editor, and more.
Spelunky: An open-sourced platformer with roguelike difficulty. It is based within a series of randomly generated underground caverns, with the goal of collecting as much treasure as is found before death or succession.
Spoiler for First-Person Perspective Shooters: Assault Cube: A open-sourced simple shooter with multiple available gamemodes, boasting in its support for less powerful computers and networks, supporting as low of latency as 56kbps (7 KBs).
Freedoom: A project focused upon recreating the considerably popular original "Doom" with open-source code, graphics, and audio.
Project Reality: A standalone modification basing from the shooter "Battlefield 2", focusing upon working with your team. It is recommended to view its manual (included within link provided), and to own and use a microphone while playing within multiplayer. (Note: You will likely require a BitTorrent client to download, and understand how to unpack .iso files)
Team Fortress 2: A team focused shooter, featuring 9 unique individual classes to choose, each with their own strengths and weaknesses to learn and use towards you and your team's advantage. Includes customizabilty via cosmetics, taunts, and weapons.
Unturned: A graphically simple game in which is based within a Zombie Apocalypse. Includes plenty of modifications available from its corresponding Workshop.
Urban Terror: A first-person shooter, built based from "Quake III Arena", with a focus upon realism.
Spoiler for Rogue: Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup: An open-source, role-playing roguelike, based within a series of dungeons.
Dwarf Fortress: An fortress constructing or standard adventuring roguelike, based within randomly generated lands.
Elona: A role-playing roguelike based upon a book series with the same title.
Net Hack: An open-sourced, role-playing roguelike, based within a series of dungeons, focusing towards exploration within the dungeons instead of conquering.
Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy: A role-playing roguelike, featuring a story for the player to follow in addition to the established roguelike genre.
Spoiler for Simulation: Flightgear: A open-source simulation game focused upon aircraft control, with available modification support.
OpenBVE: An open-source simulation game focused upon train and subway control, with available add-on support.
SpaceEngine: An astronomy/universe simulator, with the generation based off of the current understanding of the universe, alongside known bodies, such as the Milky Way galaxy. Also features (incomplete) simulation of spaceships and add-on support.
TORCS | The Open Racing Car Simulator: An open-source simulation game focused upon racing automobiles. Features a multitude of differing vehicles, levels, and AI opponents, aerodynamics, and damage models.
Spoiler for Other: Darkwood: A recently released, top-down perspective horror themed title from Acid Wizard Studio, provided with no cost with both the reasoning for players who cannot afford its price, and to discourage key distributors. (Note: The webpage linked is directed towards Acid Wizard Studio's story of development, posted upon Imgur. The last image provides a link to download. You will require a BitTorrent client to aquire the files)
Hero: A retro inspired action and adventure platformer, including a basic MIDI developed soundtrack, monotone visuals, and six levels for the player to navigate through.
Hero Core: A sequel to "Hero", introducing a larger world for the player to explore, lenient progression, and difficulty settings.
Minetest: An open-source sandbox game, based from similar titles including "Minecraft" and "Infiminer". It has a focus towards its modification support and community development. Also available as a downloadable .apk for Android users (Note: On the linked webpage, it mentions that it is available upon the "Google Play Store", but to take caution due to possible false uploads).
OFF: A graphically simple role playing adventure game, with a notably gloom theme throughout. Due to the possibilty of unintentionally mentioning too much about the story, I simple suggest to play about with it.
OpenRA: An open-source, real-time strategy, command and conquer engine, featuring multiple games based from classic title series including "Red Alert", "Tiberian Dawn", and "Dune 2000", alongside modification support, multiplayer, and more.
OpenTTD: An open-source simulation game based from "Transport Tycoon Deluxe". Features isometric 16-bit graphics, multiplayer, support for modifications, and more.
osu!: A rhythm game based from "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan". Features a focus upon music, rhythm, modification support, and more.
SCP - Containment Breach: A horror game based upon various elements from the "SCP Foundation" within randomly generated corridors.
The Dark Mod: A Gothic and Steampunk themed stealth game, in which was once a mod worked based from "Doom 3" that has now become standalone to play.

Two questions:
Would titles such as AM2R or Pokémon Uranium be permissed to link towards?
Would BitTorrent magnet links be permissed?

I wouldn't link those as they've both been issued takedown orders. They're easy enough to find for anyone who really wants to play them though.

Brink is now free on Steam as well.


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