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[Scripts] Backpack
« on: July 26, 2017, 07:14:08 PM »
I made a post 2 years ago that was a backpack, of course it was harder to make complex scripts back then without vars and such, so here is a more updated version.

Script: Backpack\Get

  HasHistory [backpack] [player] [true]
  MessageBox [You already own a backpack!]
  History [backpacknum] [+1]
  var [num] = [syshistory:backpacknum]
  History [backpacknum] [player] [num]
  SetBlock [num,1,1]
  MessageBox [You have succesfully got a backpack!]

Script: Backpack\Open

  HasHistory [backpack] [player] [true]
  var [num] = [history:backpacknum]
  OpenBlock [num,1,1,]
  MessageBox [You do not own a Backpack!] [a=[Get a Backpack][Backpack\Get]]

This does have one limit that can easily be fixed, but it probably wont ever reach its limit, this can give 1024 players a backpack before you can change it to "num,2,1" and after the height reaches a limit (which will basically never happen because at this point it will have enough space for 5,236,728 players) you can change it to "num,1,2" and then it will eventually fill the whole world with backpacks, which can give 5,362,409,472 players backpacks.