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Re: Trolling Modder List
« Reply #15 on: June 23, 2017, 02:47:58 AM »
There is 1 thing right about this post, and it's barely even true. First off "I Have Tha Mods" and "The Lag Is Real" are the same person. Secondly, the only thing thats even partially true is about "africans are ok" and that being that he is a lemon, but he doesn't go around griefing. Thirdly, I was in a call all day with Mods and ElderDragon66 when this problem rose. So let me give you the real backstory, Mods, ElderDragon and I were all world hopping, and we were in Liam Bradbury's world when "Doxa Josh" joined and accused Mods of destroying his world and deleting it. With absolutely no evidence or justification, sora immediately started private messaging me and basically blackmailing me. Sora said things like "delete him off friends list and report to Microsoft or you are on the list", which I'm assuming he meant this list, and he said he would report me to a dev, which I also assume is Craig, and sora probably thought he had the power to get me banned because I didn't report a modder that did nothing wrong. Every server we joined, Mods would always ask the host before doing anything that he had the power to do that other players did not, and if he didn't and the host didn't like it, he would simply delete whatever he did and stop doing it, he did nothing to harm any worlds, and rather showed the Host some cool things, before this he joined one of my worlds and was showing me cool things like how he can open any locked chest. Nothing he did was putting any map in harm, and he would always ask me before he did anything, he told me to save my world, so I did, and he showed me some cool stuff that he can do, and placed down a component of a bunker he made that he was proud of. Mods is a very nice guy and doesn't deserve any hate because of false accusations, he can barely play the game anymore because people are immediately ending their servers when he joins. Please understand that sora had no evidence, or justification and what sora did was wrong to Mods, he doesn't deserve any of the hate he is recieving and he is genuinely a nice person.


I actually witnessed where I Have Tha Mods is torolling my friend's map.

And," Modder is always with his friend (example you and ElderDragon66)
so if his friend joined  our map, will join modder together...
If modder's friend joined our map we must kick modder's friend.

so i said you what delete friend of modder. but you said "modder is kind man" (Modder has uploaded 2 trolling TMF videos (deleted one) (and was trolling many players map)

"""  I know that you and modder are very close relationships.  """  ;)

"""  It is true that he is trolling modder  """  :,(


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