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[RPG] Spyro 3321's map: Savinera
« on: May 27, 2017, 08:26:17 PM »
     I've recently joined this map for the first time, by a person named Spyro 3321. He has created a really nice, and well done RPG map. Now I'm not him, but this is more of a review to get more people on this map, because he deserves a lot more play time and a lot more rates.

So to start of, you spawn underground, and you are told to do this parkour/maze course that he has built. Now the first part is easy, until you get to the maze. That part then gets really hard. (If you take it slow though, then it wouldn't be so hard, just make sure to turn on your mini map, because it will make your life a lot easier.)
After you finish that, (or skipped it if it's too hard for you,) you will end up on the surface. The cave you come out of will be right next to Emerald Bay (The players main town) and a boosting area, to help get your skills leveled up.

I forgot to mention, this world has local skills, but your health and defense levels have been increased slightly at the start.

This server has many quests for you to complete, many of which have you kill a boss at the end, or even a mini boss near the middle of completion.
I have so far completed 7 or 8 quests out of the 11-12 quests to complete. After you complete a quest, you will go to the bounty board, where you can get your awards there. These quests progressively get harder and harder as you progress, so it is SUPER important to keep your combat level to the recommended level of the quest you want to complete.

The server is in Local Skill mode, meaning all your skills are reset to the server. Leveling up is actually really easy, as the XP multiplier is at 4.0x so you really don't have to grind as much. Your combat level is what you really need to focus on. The higher the combat level, the easier the quests will be. (Take my advice, go to the boosting area when you're a very low combat level, it will help you significantly!)
Overall Gameplay:

Whenever a player leaves, it will slightly hail blue hail, but once in a while, harsh green hail will rain down, so watch out for that! The server really does feel like an RPG-esk like game, having to walk around from place to place, everything is spread out nice and even. Basically, the layout is any other layout you would see in any other RPG game. There are mobs will custom health, attack, etc. to make the game a little more interesting.
Keep Inventory is on, so don't worry about losing all your stuff when you die.
I have been told by Sypro that there are some Easter Eggs on the surface, so be on the lookout for those!
Occasionally, a meteor will fall down to earth. These meteors can either be just some plain old rock, or they could have very useful resources on them like Iron, and sulfur. (which does sell nicely)

This server does have some profanity in it, as well as some sexual content. (But not very much, so don't worry about that.) Like I said before, if you're very low level and need some boost for xp, or some extra cash, then go to the boosting area. It's very close to Emerald Bay, so you don't have to walk very far.
If you die, somewhere out in the wilderness, or anywhere not at the course/quests. You will teleport back to a house near Emerald Bay, where youcould either walk balk to your destination, or go somewhere else you desire.
If you're in a quest and you die, there are plenty of checkpoints that will take you back to where you were. (Well, the closest spot back to where you were.)
So again, don't worry about dying, since you will soon respawn back to where you were with all your stuff, so that's nice.
My rating on this server:

I think this server is amazing! It's unique style of gameplay in total miner that I'm surprised that no one else has done before. It's pretty challenging, and really fun to play. Yes the course might be hard for some people at the start, but I was able to get through it without breaking to much of a sweat! I really love this map. 5 stars for sure. Go play this map when you get the chance, it truly is amazing!

(Pictures coming soon.)
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Re: Spyro 3321's map: Savinera
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2017, 06:28:07 PM »
Hey guys I'm the creator of the world you see here. I've made a pretty big update to the server. Here's what it includes... The starting spawn has been overhauled, there are new rules and tips added to the world, new difficulties, new game modes, and the ability to make your own custom dragon!

If any of you join my world all i ask is this...

1. Please message me for help if you need it.
2. Read NPC's at the beginning of the level. They'll give you good tips and information.
3. Please don't send rude messages to me. My world does curse at you but only in a fun way, I don't mean anything but what the offending messages say there just for good laughs.

If you want to know anything else about the world than please message me.

Also if you know how to make custom items than please message me on how to. Let's just say some people have not been helpful to me in this endeavor.