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Author Topic: [WIP] Bandtastical Games  (Read 504 times)

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Bandtastical Games
« on: April 01, 2017, 07:42:30 PM »
so i've been not active on total miner for a couple reasons and i haven't made any projects since a little over a year ago because all of my stuff got deleted. but i've started working on a new server called Bandtastical Minigames and i'm so into the development of it. I think i could get this finished. not without your guys help of course!!! comment any minigame ideas that i could have on the server. it can't be really big though, like hunger games. i'm already going to add spleef.
-also i could have some pixel art makers or builders on the map to help with making some of the games, and even scripting. so help is appreciated!! my gamer tag on xbox 360 is on my profile.

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