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« on: January 13, 2017, 08:32:09 AM »
A Grue is a fearsome monster with slavering fangs, Razor sharp claws, And an insatiable hunger only rivaled by their fear of light.

Grues would be an uncommon random spawn in any dark area, Be it underground, On the surface, Or in someone's basement.

Grues would have really high strength, Attack, And Defence levels, With a medium health level.

Grues would also have no nameplate, Making it difficult to spot one. To spot a Grue, Watch for their movement, And listen for their horrible gurgling sounds.

If you are killed by a Grue, The death message displayed would be "[player] was eaten by a Grue." And the only way to retrieve your inventory is to kill the Grue.

The easiest way to deal with the looming threat of the Grue is just to light up your areas. Grues are terrified of even the smallest amounts of light, So holding a torch or standing on gold will be enough to keep them at bay. If a Grue is caught in light for more than a few seconds, It will instantly combust and die.

If a Grue is killed in combat, It will drop a Grue Heart item. This item can be worn and gives massive combat buffs when the player is in total darkness, But deals immense damage to the wearer if they are in light.

PWRBTTN is going to like this idea.

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Re: Grue
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2017, 09:08:24 AM »
I do, in fact, like this idea. However, you failed to give them a physical description. They're a solid black, but can be a near-black purple, grey or blue depending on the preference of whatever fantasy universe they're in. They're vaguely humanoid. They're generally hairy and resemble... orc-... uh... werebear/bugbear beasts. Their eyes are black and lifeless, reflect no light, and are very sufficiently described as "matte fisheyes". They stand about a human and a half tall. Their paws are the size of shields.

However, this is all the generic description. It's good to remember that not only are any fantasy creatures up to the interpretation of the author, but grues live only in the dark, and are clever/ferocious beasts, so it's so unlikely they'll ever be in the light or killed, that so few avtually know what grues look like, leaving it moreso up to interpretation.
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