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Cuboids for Avatars
« on: June 06, 2013, 11:48:03 AM »
Craig I have been wondering how are the cuboids going to look for the avatars and how many pieces they will be made of.

For example are they going to be flat cubic box look like the ones in minecraft or have more definition to the bodies and heads kinda how are avatars look now in TM.

Also how many parts are you planning on using when making the cuboids for the avatars:
Head(1.Head Cuboid with hair included 2.Head cuboid and Hair cuboid)
Torso(1.Torso 2.Torso cuboid with neck 3.Torso cuboid and neck cuboid)
Arms(1.Arm cuboid 2.Upper arm cuboid and lower arm cuboid 3.Upper arm cuboid, Lower Arm cuboid and hand cuboid)
Legs(1.Leg cuboid 2.Waist cuboid and leg cuboid 3.Waist cuboid, Leg Cuboid 4.Waist cuboid, Upper Leg cuboid, Lower leg cuboid 5. Waist cuboid, Upper leg Cuboid, Lower leg cuboid, foot cuboid)
Also cape cuboids if added later.

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