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Author Topic:  Fully Empty Message box  (Read 591 times)

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Fully Empty Message box
« on: October 23, 2016, 11:20:54 PM »
I recently attempted to post three corresponding scripts; however, for some reason whenever I would attempt to post, I would get an error message stating that the message box was blank. I'm unsure what is causing this, but the only way around it was to disable to BBC code, and I would like to know what is causing this message to turn up blank to prevent from reoccuring (or be fixed if it's a bug).
Spoiler for Message:
HUDBar [Hunger] [player] [history:hungerlevel] [100] [po,si,ti,on] [c,ol,ou,r] [label|vertical|numbers|right]
HUDBar [Thirst] [player] [history:thirstlevel] [100] [po,si,ti,on] [c,ol,ou,r] [label|vertical|numbers|right]
History [thirstlevel] [player] [100]
History [hungerlevel] [player] [100]
Script [Drain Thirst]
Script [Drain Hunger]

[color=yellow]Drain Thirst[/color]
History [thirstlevel] [player] [-1]
HasHistory [thirstlevel] [player] [false]
Health [-999]
Loop [60000]

[color=yellow]Drain Hunger[/color]
History [hungerlevel] [player] [-1]
HasHistory [hungerlevel] [player] [false]
Health [-999]
Loop [120000]

[color=limegreen]Set the "Join" script as an event driven script for whenever a player joins the map.
I did not understand what you a refering towards when saying "...your health will go down when it hits 0 when both bar are at 0%...", so currently it will simply kill the player if either reach zero.[/color]