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« on: April 11, 2013, 11:21:46 PM »
This story is brought to you by the number 8! Cause it's symmetrical!
Hope you all enjoy! 8)

"Equipped with courage, stupidity, and a symmetry OCD, a young squad of Marines fight to protect civilians trapped in the midst of a war-torn city."

Spoiler for :
Boom! The ground exploded and a cloud of smoke formed where Private Preston once stood. The private managed three successful midair flips before finally landing on the ground.

“Pokémon is down! Cover the left flank now! Private Dip, give the poor idiot immediate medical attention at once!” Sergeant Major Nicholis Miguel Garcia Leon Ruiz Ruvalcaba Lopez Santiago Martinez Delgado Castillo Mendoza Gonzalez Rivera Perez screamed to his squad as he mowed down five enemies with a rapid burst from his fully automatic assault rifle.

“My name is Dabbs, sir! And that was Preston who got blown up and went down who the heck is Pokémon?” Private Dabbs replied puzzled at his Sergeant’s orders.

“Yea Packman that’s what I said. Are you deaf, Private? See to his injuries now before he goes and gets blown up by another grenade. Make sure to—” the Sergeant Major was interrupted by two men coming in from the left flank which no one had yet secured. One of the men tried to grab the Sergeant by the neck and came face to face with the butt stock of the Sergeant’s rifle, his skull crushed from the impact. The other soldier, stunned from his ally’s utter defeat, attempted to draw his knife before being shot dead center in his chest.

“A perfect shot to the middle of his chest, perfectly balanced, perfectly symmetrical.” Private First Class Kidd said with a smile as he holstered his twin pistols. “Even death is beautiful if it is done so with symmetry.” Another soldier ran around the corner unaware of the entity that stood before him. With a quick draw Kidd shot the man once in each arm, smiled at his work, and then fired two more bullets, one through each of the man’s eyes. Private Firstclass, who was having trouble fixing his jammed weapon, and Private Adrian, who was not carrying a weapon at all, ran up and took up positions next to Kidd.

“Wow nice shooting Kidd!” Firstclass said looking at the corpse with fresh bullets lodged in its brain. He envied Kidd’s accuracy and his ability to get his weapons to work, a problem that Firstclass frequently had trouble with. Sergeant Major Nick walked up and laid the body from his previous engagement next to the one Kidd had newly created. Private Dabbs and Private Amaleo dragged an unconscious Preston aside as well.

“Well we’re here now so what are we supposed to do Sergeant Major?” Private Adrian asked his superior while ignoring his surroundings and not paying attention for enemies.

“The enemy is advancing on our defensive lines fast. We have civilians taking shelter in a police station about seven blocks south of here. We’ll need to—“

“What’s that?” Kidd cut him off in the middle of his speech. “What did you say, seven? NO, it can’t be seven! Say eight, damn it! Eight is better! It’s physically impossible to cut the number seven in half and make it symmetrical! It has to be eight instead! Eight cut in half vertically or horizontally stays perfectly symmetrical. I beg of you, just say eight, please!”

“Shut up Kidd! We don’t have time for your neurotic tendencies!” the Sergeant snapped. “Now we have to find a way to get those civilians evacuated from that area because it is going to be flooded with hostiles in a matter of minutes with the way things are going here.”

“We passed one of those Armored Personnel Carriers on our way over here Sergeant Major. I think it is still operational.” Private Adrian suggested.

“Good, Kidd, take Private Asian and Armadillo and bring me back that APC triple time!” the Sergeant yelled just before running back into the battle. Enemies were appearing everywhere through the haze in the distance. The Marines were holding their ground on the defensive line but it wouldn’t be too long before the enemies overrun their position. Kidd and his team had to move fast if they wanted to get those civilians out before things got ugly.

“Just look at those guys, running about in random positions without any form of symmetry it’s disgusting!” Kidd said turning away from the asymmetrical sight. The group made their way down an abandoned street and came up to their target after a few minutes. “Alright we found the APC. Let’s get inside and get it up and running.” Kidd motioned his team inside the vehicle and prepared to move out to the civilians’ location.

Boom! Private Preston took flight as the grenade exploded from under his feet.

“Damn it!” screamed Private Firstclass as he watched his teammate involuntarily fly through the air. He jammed his assault rifle for the seventh time when an enemy jumped over the edge next to him. The private hit the guy full force using his rifle like a bat. “Now that’s how you use a gun!” the private screamed triumphantly as he pointed at his fallen foe.

“Fall back men! Move to the police station!” barked the Sergeant Major as the enemy stormed their position. “It’s been almost an hour; we can’t buy Kidd’s team any more time. I haven’t gotten word that the civilians have been evacuated yet so what are those idiots doing?”

Kidd moved the supplies around the vehicle as his partners stared at him with puzzled and annoyed faces. “The ammo belts are folded neatly in the shape of a triangle, absolutely perfect. And every seat along the wall is aligned exactly with the ground, absolutely perfect. The controls on the left are in the same spaces as the controls on the right, absolutely perfect. Balance between left and right, perfect symmetry that is what is most important in this world.”

“Yeah, yeah we get it, now can we move on? Our teammates are waiting for us back there!” Private Amaleo yelled finally losing his mind from Kidd’s insanity.

“Right, Adrian let’s get this thing moving. Find the best route to the police station; we’re getting those civilians out.” Kidd said, unaware that an hour had past and that the civilians may no longer be alive. Adrian hit the gas relieved to finally get on the move. They detoured down a side street deciding that it would lead them to their destination much faster. Amaleo sat in the passenger seat staring at Kidd who was standing up in the middle between the two front seats instead of sitting in one of the back ones.

“Kidd wouldn’t you rather take a seat and buckle up? What if we get into an accident and you go flying into the windshield?” Amaleo asked concerned for his symmetry obsessed teammate. Despite Kidd’s perfectionist attitude it was easily noticeable that his military uniform was not at all perfectly symmetrical. It seemed that Kidd had overlooked this while putting it on probably due to noticing something else that was perfectly symmetrical, therefore, distracting him. Whatever it was, Amaleo did not want to bring it up to his friend.

“Normally I would take the seat behind you but there are only three of us and that would destroy the perfect symmetry of this vehicle and throw it off balance which might tip us over and cause us to blow up and die and then we would not be able to save the civilians. Hitting the windshield is a small price to pay for the destruction of symmetry.” Kidd explained.

“Of course it is.” Amaleo sighed and focused his attention back on the road. They were only a few minutes away from the station when Kidd noticed something off in the distance.

“Look at that! Can you guys see it? Over there!” Kidd pointed directly in front of them.

“Yeah it looks like an enemy vehicle that has died and is no longer functioning. There appears to be someone still inside it. He might be trying to fix it.” Amaleo proclaimed as he studied the vehicle that Kidd had pointed out.

“No, no, no, no you’ve got it all wrong! Take a look at the vehicle closely… it’s… perfectly symmetrical in every way. It’s absolutely—”

“Enough with the damn symmetry Kidd we need to take that thing out!” Amaleo cried.

“Well, you know what they say when you see a deer on the road guys? You speed up! ZERO ZERO ALPHA!” Adrian yelled as he slammed his foot down on the accelerator. The APC’s engine screamed as it approached top speed.

“No Adrian! Wait wait wait wait!” Kidd yelled just before flying into the windshield as the APC collided with the enemy vehicle. “You idiot I told you to wait!” Kidd said as he pulled his face from the glass. “If you’re going to do damage to the enemy vehicle then you have to hit them in the middle!” Kidd screamed, enraged at Adrian’s lack of symmetry rather than his failure to follow orders. “Now do it over!” Adrian backed up and rammed the immobile enemy vehicle an additional time, hitting it directly in the center. Kidd once again flew into the windshield upon the second impact. “Okay, now we can move on,” said Kidd, his face still embedded in the window. “Adrian, from now on we go around objects instead of through them.”

Boom! Private Preston flew in the air as he was taken out by another grenade. He landed on the floor unconscious in enemy controlled territory and there was no way of getting to him.

“Damn it, what is with that guy and getting blown up by grenades?” Sergeant Major Nick said after watching the private go down once more. He looked at Private Firstclass who was still having trouble fixing his weapon. “Private Forecast, get on the radio and call in for an airstrike on these coordinates. We need to stop the enemy from advancing on our position!” Private Firstclass looked around the room for the radio and instead picked up a nearby telephone.

“Okay, now what the heck was the number for an airstrike again?” the Private questioned. He dialed the number for Domino’s pizza and pretended to talk to the cashier.

“Private what are you doing? I said call for an airstrike this is no time for pizza! We need to hold the line until the civilians are safely evacuated.  Have you lost your damn mind?”

“Hello I’m on the phone; didn’t your mother ever teach you to be quiet when someone is on the phone?” said Private Firstclass. He flinched as the sergeant yanked the phone out from his hands. With a fierce look, the Sergeant Major lifted his arm and prepared to strike but just before he could beat Firstclass half to death with the phone Private Kidd and the others arrived in the APC. The vehicle’s double doors opened symmetrically and Kidd stepped out onto the ground.

“It’s about damn time you idiots! Now let’s get these civilians out of here.” The sergeant turned around and motioned for the civilians to come to the APC and frowned as there was no response. “Where are the civilians?” the sergeant yelled frantically looking around the area.

“They’re on the roof, sir!” yelled Private Dabbs from behind a wall.

“And why the heck are the civilians on the roof Private Double Crap?” Sergeant Major Nick yelled at Private Dabbs who was still cowering behind the wall.

“Well, you said to put them somewhere safe so I put them on the roof next to the new Metal Storm turret. You see, it’s a pretty big gun sir, and it looked safe to me. So… I…put… them… there…” Dabbs said slowly as he retreated further into a corner.

“Damn it! Kidd, get up there and get those civilians on the double! Then make use of that turret and get us some ground back. Private Armhole, get in the APC and be ready to move out when the civilians are safely on board. The rest of you form up on me! Let’s see if we can get to Pinhead before he gets killed by a grenade.” The sergeant motioned towards the front lines and everyone moved to their positions. Kidd ran up the stairs to the rooftop in search of the civilians. Once there he found the civilians sitting next to a rather large turret mounted near the edge.

“Everyone my name is Kidd. I’m here to get you out. We need to move down the stairs and into the APC. Hurry up, there isn’t much time.” Kidd looked over the edge of the police station and noticed that the enemy was quickly overrunning his team’s position. He would have to use the turret to clear the area before sending the civilians downstairs. Kidd looked over his shoulder, his gaze shifted towards the unmanned turret. For a moment Kidd stared in awe at the Metal Storm’s perfectly aligned quadruple barrels that were capable of propelling one million grenade rounds in less than a minute, utterly annihilating whatever stood in its way.

“Come on Kidd, what are you waiting for? We need to go.” Charity said to the strange man who was tasked with saving her life.

“But, just look at this thing,” said Kidd who was still dumbfounded at the sight of the big gun. “Just look at the exquisite symmetry. I have never seen anything so beautiful and perfectly balanced in my entire life! Don’t you understand? Symmetry is the truest form of beauty.”

“Symmetry? Is this some kind of joke? What right do you have to talk about symmetry anyway? Just look at you. You have a name tag on your right and there isn’t one on the left. That doesn’t look symmetrical to me.” Charity said extremely annoyed at her incompetent savior. Kidd collapsed on the floor upon realizing that fact. He started pounding his fists into the ground.

“You’re right I’m an abomination! I’m filthy and dirty and unbalanced! I’m garbage! Asymmetrical garbage I deserve to die!” Kidd yelled practically crying on the floor. Charity slapped him on the face, scratching his left cheek. Kid remained on the floor devastated by his asymmetrical uniform. Charity sighed and tried to comfort him.

“Hey Kidd you’re not really garbage I mean come on, no one as cool as you can ever be considered garbage.” Charity lied. “So can you help us get out of here please?”

“Really? You don’t think I’m asymmetrical garbage?” Kidd asked, wiping away his tears as he stood up from the ground.

“Of course not Kidd, garbage is gross and you’re not, so get rid of those bad guys so we can get out of here okay.” Charity said, patting him on the back with a smile.

“Yes, you’re right!” Kidd said as he tore off his ACU. “Clearly those men lack any sense of symmetry.” Kidd climbed into the seat of the Metal Storm and powered it up. It would only take four seconds for complete feedback and the turret to fire. The timer counted down, three, two, one… “You all disgust me!” Kidd screamed. “It is time to die!” Kidd aimed the massive gun at the center of the enemy horde as the Timer reached zero. An intense light flashed as the battlement proceeded to liberate a barrage of grenade rounds at the helpless adversaries in its path below. Within seconds the horde was gone and the enemy was in full retreat. “They can’t even retreat symmetrically, such a nuisance. Their commander should be dug up from the rubble, shot and be buried!” He fired another salvo at his retreating foes.

After obliterating the last of the enemy troops, Kidd led the civilians downstairs to his teammates who were waiting to congratulate him on a job well done.

“Good work there Private Kidd,” said Sergeant Major Nick as he patted Kidd on the shoulder. “Just one problem, you killed Private Bench Press in your little onslaught, but it’s alright because nobody liked him anyway,” said the sergeant with a smirk. Kidd laughed at the sergeant’s statement. Ironically, Kidd did kill Private Preston with grenades.

“If you mean Private Preston then I wouldn’t worry too much about him. He’s in a better place now. One that is perfectly symmetrical.” Kidd looked to the sky and imagined the wonderful symmetry that Private Preston was now able to enjoy. The battle was over and they could finally rest. They earned it. Private Dabbs walked up to Kidd with his med kit in hand.

“You have a pretty nasty scratch there on your left cheek Kidd, let me see to it before you get an infection,” said Dabbs as he moved towards his friend. Kidd froze in place, eyes wide open, and his facial expression was filled with horror.

“Why is there only one scratch on the left cheek and not on the right? Damn it I’m a pig, a louse, a useless cow! I deserve to die! Just put me out on the curb on garbage day!” Kidd said as he started to cry again. He pounded his fists into the floor and everyone couldn’t help but laugh at his obsessive-compulsive disorder. Then a nuke hit the ground and killed everyone in a beautiful symmetrical way.
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Re: Symmetry
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2013, 03:46:25 PM »
It's beautifully symmetrical.
I love it.
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