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Author Topic:  A guide to the creative tools...  (Read 327 times)

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A guide to the creative tools...
« on: September 07, 2016, 02:00:16 PM »
A Simple Guide To The Creative Tools

I've made this little guide because I have had countless people ask me how to use some of these features, and I figure it will help a lot of people.


How do I access the tools menu?


You can access the tools menu by pressing the D-Pad down, and then selecting 'Tools.'


-Remove Markers
-- To use the tool remove markers is pretty self explanatory, none the less, I'll explain it anyway. This tool is used to remove all the markers that you have placed down. This is useful for (not limited to) if you have placed down lots of markers but have changed your mind about what you want to build or do.
-- The Measure tool, one of my favourites, is a very useful tool for detailed builders. To use this, place markers at either end of the region you would like to measure, and choose the measure tool. It will then give you the correct dimensions.
-- The Fill tool is one of the most used tools, used in pretty much every world you join. The fill tool is also self explanatory, but I'll tell you how to use it anyway. You need to place markers at the edges of the region you'd like to fill, select fill from the tools menu, and then choose your fill block.
-- The Clear tool is used to clear certain regions. This can rectify mistakes, and lots of other things. The clear tool is set out like the fill tool, so you'll need to place markers at the corners of your region, and then select clear from the tools menu.
-- The Replace tool is similar to the fill tool but instead of filling a whole region, you can choose to replace a certain block in that region. For example : If I had a ten by ten region of grass blocks with a dirt block pattern that i didn't like. I'd set up my markers at each corner, select the replace tool from the tools menu and select the block to replace. I'd also select the block to replace with.
-Replace Texture
-- The Replace Texture tool is similar to the replace tool. This tool target blocks that can be textured, such as half blocks. This replaces the target blocks texture. To do this, set up the marker blocks at each corner of your region. Select the replace texture tool from the tools menu, and select your target block. You then want to choose the texture you want to replace, and then choose the texture to replace that with.
-- The line tool creates a link going between all the marker blocks you have placed down. This is useful for planning a structure you would like to build. All you have to do, is place down a minimum of two marker blocks, and select the line tool as well as the block to create the line.
-- The Sphere tool is a commonly 'not-known-how-to-use' tool. This tool is very useful for terraforming, but can really be used for anything. All you have to do is place down one marker, this will be the centre of you sphere. You also want the percent of the sphere that should be filled, an optional seed, your fill block, and a radius. The percent is 100 if you want a full sphere which you normally do. The seed is optional, and is for advanced users. Your block of choice will be what all of the sphere is made of and the radius is how far out from the middle block your circle will go.
- Wall/Path
-- The Wall/Path tool creates walls or paths :D . I find this useful for creating things such as maze's. Similar to the line tool, put you markers where you want the wall/path to go, choose the tool from the tool menu. You will then need to select your block of choice (for the wall/path) and the height of the wall or path.
-- The Trees tool is used to generate trees in certain areas. You will need to use markers to define your region (minimum of two), an optional exclude, an optional seed, and a tree count. All you need to worry about is the markers and the tree count. The tree count is just how many trees it will generate. You can also choose underneath it which trees to generate.
-- The Copy tool, i think everyone is familiar with but i will explain it anyway. Put markers on the edge of the region you want to copy, and then choose copy from the tools menu. You can then save that clipboard as a component, by pressing D-Pad and clicking save component.
-- The Flood tool is also used rarely, and is often not known about. Its really easy to use. If you have some holes in you floor, stick a marker block in each of them, choose the flood option from the tools menu and select the block to put in those holes.
-Abort Active Floods
-- Pretty self explanatory, this option stops current floods incase of an emergency. If you are clever, you could use this tool to your advantage.


I will update this when new tools come out,
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